Spiritual Care - What To Expect

When to contact Spiritual Care for support

Spiritual care practitioners can be of help when you...

  • need emotional and/or spiritual support
  • desire a visit before surgery
  • are feeling lonely, discouraged or misunderstood
  • need religious care
  • wish to receive sacrament(s)
  • have special religious needs according to your own faith tradition (e.g. food, customs at birth, death or significant religious holidays)
  • wish a ritual for healing and health
  • are experiencing set-backs
  • have received unfavourable news
  • are anxiously awaiting test results
  • have been in hospital for long periods of time
  • are far away from home
  • are experiencing loss or grief
  • wish to pray for needs or celebrate new life
  • are considering treatment options
  • wish to engage in spiritual direction
  • require crisis intervention
  • require ethical consultation
  • require education
  • require community outreach

To learn more about the Spiritual Care Programs, see Services.