DocTalks with Dr. Kane and Dr. Elliott

Drs. Kane and Elliot

Fostering a Health Care System Responsive to Older Adults

Dr. Sheri-Lynn Kane, Chair/Chief Geriatric Medicine & Medical Director, Regional Geriatric Program of Southwestern Ontario
Dr. Jacobi Elliott, Director, Research & Strategy, Regional Geriatric Program of Southwestern Ontario

As we age, many questions come to mind: What changes are being made to the health care system to manage the aging population? How will the health system work for me? What can I do to ensure I receive the care I need? St. Joseph’s is leading the Regional Geriatric Program of Southwestern Ontario and working to answer these very questions.

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DocTalks is a series of community health lectures featuring leading physicians and researchers at St. Joseph’s Health Care London. Learn from the experts how St. Joseph’s is tackling the pressing health issues of our time and why it matters to you and your family.

Location & Details

November 7, 2024
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
St. Joseph's Hospital, Shuttleworth Auditorium (Zone D)

Please enter through the Cheapside entrance. Parking is available in the Cheapside parking garage ($4 per hour). Free street parking is also available.

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