Your Impact

Woman raising a dumbell with care provider's support

Putting the pieces back together

“Having a brain injury feels like none of the pieces connect anymore,” says Maura Brisbane who received care through St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Program. “It’s like when you shake a snow globe and the sparkling snow swirls through the globe before settling somewhere completely new.” Maura says she...
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a sustainable living wall full of plants

Your donation brightens lives in so many ways

The healing power of nature With mounting evidence of the benefits of plants to an individual’s physical and mental health, a beautiful living wall was installed at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, thanks to donor support. The sustainable living wall features three panels full of plant life and...
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Sylvia O'Connell

Acts of service

Inside Sylvia O’Connell’s (née Winstanley) closet at Parkwood Institute hangs her battle dress uniform from the Second World War. The jacket’s green wool and precise stitching have remained in pristine condition since she served in the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, stationed in England. It’s the...
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Dr. Arlene MacDougall and Alec Cook sit down with a laptop computer

Standing up for mental health

At 15 years old, Alec Cook knew he couldn’t continue living with the status quo. He was struggling with gender dysphoria, unable to access the health services he needed. “There wasn’t much available to help me at the time and I sometimes felt like I wasn’t being heard by health providers,” he says...
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Dr. Narinder Paul

Future vision

Dr. Narinder Paul calls it a game changer. A powerful new PET/CT scanner with the potential to personalize disease diagnosis and treatment for patients. “We’re the first in the country to have this PET/CT machine,” says Dr. Paul, Chair/Chief of Medical Imaging. “It offers the most sophisticated and...
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Paul and Kim Spriet sitting together on a couch

Running with purpose

Kim Spriet was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, an inherited form of macular degeneration, as a young adult. But it wasn’t until her late thirties that the progressive vision loss started to impact her daily life. “I started questioning, will I be able to travel? Will I see my kids get married...
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Ryan Finch standing in his garage with vintage cars

$5 million gift to fuel mental health transformation

A generous $5 million personal donation from Ryan Finch will fuel new research with a goal of transforming the mental health care system locally. The donation will support an innovative new term research Chair in Mental Health System Transformation – that will work to develop collaborative...
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older couple walking through the woods

Life-long partnership lives on through research

Marcel and Louise Brunette were partners for life. They are remembered as a quiet, hard-working, down-to-earth couple, who often exhibited their love, respect and admiration for each other through the smallest of touches and the widest smiles. St. Joseph’s Health Care London played an important role...
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