Your Impact

Participants at Kicks for Strength event pose underneath soccer net

Ripple Effects

Ryan Finch’s $5 million donation to mental health care research at St. Joseph’s is creating a ripple effect. Several community events, including Kicks for Strength and the popular Forest City Cycling Challenge, were inspired by his generosity. As news of the landmark donation spread in June 2023...
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John and Jane Downs together at RBC Place London

Finding joy in giving

John and Jane Downs describe themselves as ‘average Canadians’, but their commitment to investing in and learning about healthcare is anything but average. What started as an annual donation from the local couple who were grateful for their care has grown into a deep relationship with St. Joseph’s....
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Louis Martin cycling down the street

In Good Hands

“I went down face first, denting my helmet. It felt like I fell into a cheese grater. My right arm was extended and I bounced off the deck and hit hard on my right side.” – Louis Martin It was a moment Louis Martin will never forget. While cycling in Elgin County on a downhill descent, he fell on an...
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St. Joseph's patients and Will Heeman showcasing the newly donated Columbia jackets

Keeping warm this winter

When Columbia Sportswear and Heeman’s learned of the increased need for winter coats at St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program, they didn’t hesitate. 181 warm winter coats were donated to help patients this winter who come to the program with only the clothes on their backs. “This is overwhelming,”...
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A retired veteran dropping the puck onto the ice.

A memorable night

Fourteen resident Veterans were the special guests of honour at the London Knights hockey game on November 11. They enjoyed the game in style, thanks to Ryan Finch, President of Finch Auto Group. In the ceremony before the game, 98-year-old Jack Byrne and 100-year-old Corporal George Herbert...
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Pink Banner with the words Season of Celebration written across

Making the season brighter

Care at St. Joseph’s is about considering each person as a whole – body, mind and spirit. And this Season of Celebration, we’re on a mission to ensure everyone in our community receives this compassionate care now and well into the future. This year’s campaign kicks off with an exciting announcement...
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Left to Right: Dr. Don Richardson, Jenny Liu and Anthony Nazarov researched the effectiveness of Internet-Based Cognitive Therapy for adult Veterans and military population

Empowering Veterans through virtual care

Canada’s Veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces have unique and very specific mental health care needs – including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and new research has examined how an internet-based delivery method for treatment can help. Currently, it is estimated that 13 to 18 per...
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Former veteran Helen Anderson

Feeling Connected

Helen, a proud WW II Veteran, finds purpose and community at Parkwood Institute. Enlisting at 17, she served overseas as a dispatcher and nurse. Now 98, she thrives in the Veterans Care Program, embraced by a caring staff who support her passions.
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Resident Nancy sitting on a chair

Putting people first

Nancy has cherished personalized care at St. Joseph’s for more than 50 years. Her positive outlook and heartfelt connection she has with the staff have been vital in overcoming health challenges, from battling infections as a teen to recovering from a severe fall.
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