Your Impact

Ales Wittek celebrates his medals with his two daughters

Meet Ales

Six years ago after a morning workout in the pool, Ales had a heart attack. He spent a week recovering in hospital after doctors repaired a clogged artery in his heart. But his situation became worse after another cardiac episode a few months later. Ales figured he would never swim competitively...
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group of people hold up a large cheque

Running for your someone

When Theresa Carriere laced up for the first ONERUN in 2010, she was taking the first step of a movement that has impacted thousands of people in our region touched by cancer. A breast cancer survivor herself, Theresa was inspired to make a difference by running 100km from London to Sarnia in a...
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a family photo of a wife, husband and their two daughters

Your donation matters to Stephanie

When Stephanie Wilds was 45 she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in both breasts. A mom to two young girls, she feared the worst: that she wouldn’t make it past five years. Stephanie underwent a lumpectomy performed by Dr. Muriel Brackstone at St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program, along with 15...
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woman holds up a portrait photo of her late mother

Your donation matters to Casandra

Casandra Haas’ mom Diane lived her life fully. She was driven at work and passionate about her hobbies, taking up scuba diving despite a fear of water. When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer Diane was determined to be “fine”. And for five years she was. When Diane entered the...
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couple sitting on a park bench with an umbrella

Your donation matters to Lois and Paul

There are certain times in our lives that stand out for us. For Paul Martin it was the day he learned about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). His wife Lois has battled bipolar depression most of her life. Over the years, the depression had grown into additional ailments, such as anxiety and...
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Alanna Riley, Dr. Muriel Brackstone and Christiena Healey hold up a large cheque

Fight like a warrior (in a pink dress)

What does a city planner, a personal trainer, and a nurse all have in common? Not much unless you’re talking about Alanna Riley, Michelle Goldrick and Christiena Healey. These three passionate women are united by a shared purpose to put an end to breast cancer. Having gone through treatment...
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