The Cameron Harvey Machado Fund

Cameron Machado

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About The Cameron Harvey Machado Fund

There was no limit to Cameron's acts of kindness. Born with a gentle soul and infectious laugh, uplifting others came naturally to him.

The lives Cameron touched ranged from his friends and family who knew and loved him to those he met for just a moment but instantaneously brightened their day with his genuine warmth and immense sense of humour.

Behind his friendly charm, compassion for others, and tender ways, Cameron struggled with anxiety for years with only intermittent relief from medication. To the pain and disbelief of many, on July 4, 2020, as the pandemic raged on and mental health resources were limited, at just 25, Cameron lost his debilitating battle with mental health.

All funds raised through The Cameron Harvey Machado Memorial Fund will be directed to care, teaching and research that will advance treatment and better care for those experiencing mental health challenges.