Medical Affairs Supported Students

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Pre-Placement Requirements

The following requirements must be completed if you will be completing a placement at a London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) or St. Joseph's Health Care London (St. Joseph's) site.

Clinical Student Placements (dentistry, midwifery, pathologist assistant, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner students): please see the instruction sheet you received by email to establish what requirements are appropriate for you. If you have any questions, please email Medical Affairs.

Please review the following:
Part A: eLearning Modules 

This Learning is required by either legislation, ministry orders, or hospital policy. Please complete the modules for the organization you will be primarily onsite at.


St. Joseph's

Accessibility Standards-LHSC


Additional Precautions LHSC


Behaviour Safety Alert Training




     Web Phishing

     Mass Market Phishing

     Spear Phishing




Emergency Response Codes LHSC


Excelling at Accessible Customer Service LHSC 


Fire Response and Evacuation

Do not complete the quiz


Hand Hygiene LHSC Do not complete the quiz


Health and Safety at Work 

Do not complete the quiz


Panic Alarms - Please print the results page, sign and date it,

and provide to you preceptor.


Privacy and Confidentiality LHSC


Routine Practices LHSC do not complete the quiz


Safe Handling and Management of Cytotoxic Drugs - LHSC


Sharps Handling Awareness - LHSC


WHMIS-Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

(WHMIS) Do not complete the quiz in the module

WHMIS Quiz Complete and self-assess


Workplace Violence Prevention LHSC


Complete if working in areas where radiation badges are required:

X-Ray Safety for Device Operators - Overview

X-Ray Letter of Acknowledgment 

Accessibility Standards - St Joseph's


Additional Precautions St Joseph's


Behaviour Safety Alert Training

Civility in the Workplace St Joseph's




     Web Phishing

     Mass Market Phishing

     Spear Phishing




Emergency Response Codes St Joseph's


Excelling at Accessible Customer Service: Part I

Excelling at Accessible Customer Service: Part II


Fire Safety and Extinguishers St Josephs


Hand Hygiene St Joseph's


Health and Safety Awareness - St Joseph's


Honeywell Panic Alarms


Privacy and Confidentiality St Joseph's Clinical Support


Routine Practices St Joseph's


Sharps Safety St Joseph's


Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System



Workplace Violence Prevention St Joseph's

Part B: Patient Care Systems Training 
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Training

Medical Student Electives, Resident Electives, and Midwifery Maternal Fetal Medicine Placements

This mandatory training must be completed prior to commencing your placement and will be done remotely through the Cerner portal.

Learners will be assigned a login ID and password to enter the Cerner Portal where you will be assigned “Journeys” and complete the simulations within.

It can take up to 4 hours to complete all Journeys, however, the portal is accessible from anywhere at anytime and you can start and stop Journeys as time permits.

Training details will be communicated to you in the document with your corporate ID and hospital email.


Part C: Declaration

By submitting this form, you verify that you have completed all of the hospital requirements, the Privacy Agreement, required eLearning, and Cerner PowerChart training* (*if applicable, the link will be provided via email).

Visiting Elective Residents and Visiting Clinical Fellows 
Complete the Elective Resident Declaration Form

Visiting Elective Medical Students, Schulich Medical Students,  
Complete the Medical Student Declaration Form.

Other Student Placements (Midwifery Students, Dental Students, Physician Assistant Students, Pathologist Assistant Students)
Complete the Other Declaration Form.