Residents and Clinical Fellows

Registration and Orientation

New Residents and Clinical Fellows will receive the hospital application package via email approximately two months prior to the hospital start date. 

All mandatory requirements noted in the Hospital Application Package must be completed ahead of your start date, and approval must be provided by both Medical Affairs and the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Office at Western University, prior to commencing clinical activity.

Visiting Resident Electives: Please refer to the instructions in the St. Joseph's application package sent to your email to establish what requirements are appropriate for you.

Step 1: Mandatory Requirements

The four items listed below must be completed in advance of hospital start date: 

          Hospital Appointment Letter

Due Date: Immediately after receiving your hospital application package from Medical Affairs. 

Electronically review and sign the Hospital Appointment Letter by completing the following steps:

  • Sign into the Schulich Medicine and Dentistry Hub (Schulich Hub)
  • Click on the "My Info" tab
  • Click on the "Hospital Appointment Letter" tab
  • Review and eSign the letter. An automated email confirmation will be sent to Medical Affairs.

Refer to "IMPORTANT: LOA & Registration Information" email from Western for additional information on accessing the Schulich Hub. 

Questions relating to the hospital appointment letter can be directed to Medical Affairs.

          Professional Liability Insurance

Note: Initiate this process immediately. Processing takes approximately 6-8 weeks​.

Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) Membership
Schulich Residents and Clinical Fellows 

To obtain membership, click here for further information.

If you are a resident matched through the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) and received an email from the CMPA, please use the link in the email to apply for membership.

If you didn't receive an email, call them at 1-800-267-6522 for a package, or visit their online application website.

Email confirmation of your CMPA membership to Medical Affairs. Membership for your entire training program is required. 

Note: The Family Medicine Pre-residency is not required to provide CMPA until Assessment Verification Period (AVP) start. 

If you cannot provide a copy of your coverage, contact CMPA at 1-800-267-6522 and have them email proof of coverage.

Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) - Dental Residents/Clinical Fellows Only

To obtain membership, click HERE for further information.​​​​​​

Visit their online application website or call them at 1-800-565-4591

​Email confirmation of your RCDSO membership to Medical Affairs. Membership for your entire training program is required. 

Note: If you are a General Practice Dental Resident (GPR), this must be the General license, not the Educational license. 


          Privacy eLearning and Agreement

Due Date: Complete once you have received your login details from Medical Affairs. 

The instructions needed to complete the Privacy eLearning and Agreement have been attached to the hospital application email that you have received. Your completion will be automatically recorded with Medical Affairs. 

Note: Western graduates are required to redo this agreement.

 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
PGY 1 & 2

ACLS is required for all PGY1 and PGY2 residents, except residents in Paediatrics (who require PALS instead).

​​​​​​If you require ACLS certification and either have never been certified or your certification has expired, please register for one of the Provider Courses (2 days) offered in ME(MyEducation).

If you hold an ACLS certification that is about to expire, please register for one of the Recertification Courses (1 day) offered in ME (MyEducation). The cost of both courses is covered by Medical Affairs if it is required by your program.


ACLS is required for all PGY3+ residents in the programs listed below:



Critical Care Medicine (not CIP program)

Dentistry (OMFS)

Emergency Medicine 

Geriatric Medicine


Family Medicine - Enhanced Skills

Internal Medicine (General)

Nuclear Medicine 

Psychiatry (up to PGY6)


Radiation Oncology

If you are a PGY3+ student whose program or year does not require you to have an ACLS certification, you may still take the certification at your own cost. 

Pre-requisite: BLS Certification 

A valid Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) BLS certification is required before attending an ACLS course. BLS certifications are not included in the ACLS courses provided by EMLondon (London ACLS), but Certification sessions are available at the same location on the same day and before the ACLS course is delivered. Register and pay for the BLS course here

Registration and Cost

To register for ACLS; please log into the ME(MyEducation) eLearning portal using your Corporate ID and password and select Browse Catalog.

As a LHSC resident who is required to be certified, you are welcome to take the course elsewhere. The course must be accredited by Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada or American Heart Association to be accepted and reimbursed up to:

  • $350 - Provider course, or $200 - Recertification Course​​​​​​
Course Cancellations 

If you cancel your registration less than 14 days before the course starts, or do not attend a course you are registered for, you will be charged for the full cost of the course. 

Step 2: Complete all tasks in the Getting Started tab

Step 3: Review Orientation Day Details
Orientation Day Details 
Virtual Orientation for Postgraduates

Resident Orientation is a live virtual event being held on June 28th, 2024.  Instructions for accessing the OWL Orientation Site

Once you have received your Corporate ID, you can log into the Medical Affairs intranet website for more information.