Orientation Information for Residents and Clinical Fellows

Registration and Orientation:

Incoming Residents/Clinical Fellows scheduled to start between May to August will have the hospital application package emailed to them in early April to the email provided through CARMS.

Information about hospital-provided courses, such as N95 and PowerChart, our electronic health records system, will be outlined within the hospital application package and Corporate ID document you receive in early June.

The hospital application package will include a checklist outlining the mandatory hospital requirements. These mandatory requirements. These mandatory requirements, along with approval from the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) office and the Medical Affairs office will confirm your start date to begin clinical activity.

Details on the mandatory requirements are outlined below:

Hospital Appointment Letter

To review and electronically sign the hospital appointment letter, you will need to sign into Schulich Medicine and Dentistry Hub. Please refer to the checklist of mandatory requirements that was issued with your hospital application package. Questions can be directed to @email.

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CMPA Membership

To obtain membership, click HERE for further information.

Please forward CMPA membership to Medical Affairs.

CMPA for International Medical Graduates

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Health Review and N95 Fit-Testing

Access the Health Screen Form and review requirements

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Online training and eLearning

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and ACLS courses not running at this time, ACLS will not be a requirement for the start of residency and the requirement of ACLS will also be deferred for those requiring recertification.

Alternate solutions are being explored and will be communicated at a later time.

Once ACLS courses have resumed you will be able to register for the next ACLS course through ME(MyEducation).  YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND.

Please do not register directly with London ACLS unless you are paying for the course yourself.  

Is ACLS required once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?
  • Provider ACLS Course (2 days): Holding a valid ACLS is a mandatory requirement for all PGY 1 and PGY 2 residents (except residents in Paediatrics who will be required to obtain PALS). If you are a PGY 1 or PGY 2 resident and do not have a valid ACLS certification, please register for one of the Provider Courses offered in ME(MyEducation) (cost covered).
  • Recertification Course: If you are a PGY 1 or 2 (no matter what department) you will need to recertify if your ACLS is about to expire (cost covered). Please register for one of the Recertification Courses offered in ME (MyEducation) (cost covered).


If you are a PGY3+ in the programs listed below, you will need to complete a Recertification Course if your ACLS is about to expire: or complete a Provider Course if you have already expired or never had ACLS (cost covered)

Internal Medicine

Critical Care Medicine


Obstetrics and Gynaecology (PGY 1-3 only)

Emergency Medicine

Geriatric Medicine


Nuclear Medicine


Anesthesia (new July 2019)

Dentistry (OMFS)


Radiation Oncology

Family Medicine - Enhanced Skills


PowerChart Training (electronic health records)

This mandatory training must be complete PRIOR to starting - Training details will be communicated to you in the ME(MyEducation) Requirements and PowerChart Training document you receive with your corporate ID.

Emergency Department FirstNet Training

FirstNet (ED LaunchPoint) - To be completed prior to any Emergency Medicine rotations at any of the London or Region Hospitals (except South Huron Hospital Association or Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance).

FirstNet (Tracking Board) - To be completed prior to any Emergency Medicine rotations at South Huron Hospital Association or Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance.

PACS Access

Instructions for your PACS access will be sent to your hospital email. PACS is automatically added for all residents and clinical fellows.

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After completing the above requirements, go to Next: Getting Started

For more information, once you have access to the hospital system and/or have received your corporate ID, login to view the Medical Affairs intranet*.

*Use Corporate ID sign-on or hospital network computer to access information.