Credentialed Professional Staff

Physicians, Dentists, and Midwives

With 17 clinical departments, St. Joseph's Health Care London (St. Joseph's) offers a wide variety of clinical care to meet the needs of London and surrounding communities.

St. Joseph's is a teaching hospital that works in collaboration with the Western University, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Most Professional Staff obtaining hospital privileges will be provided with a university appointment in addition to their hospital appointment, to allow for a teaching component to the privilege set.

Upon initial recruitment, as directed by the clinical department, a Professional Staff member joining St. Joseph's will receive a detailed hospital application package from the Medical Affairs department outlining the requirements needed to obtain hospital privileges.

Professional Staff interested in obtaining hospital privileges will need to connect with the appropriate clinical department.

A complete listing of clinical departments at St. Joseph's can be viewed here.

Credentialing Application 

Before submitting an application for hospital privileges, please ensure that you have received approval from the Department Chief (St. Joseph's) aligned to your specialty.

Please contact the Professional Staff Human Resources and Credentialing Specialist for questions or further guidance. 

Hospital Appointment Approval Process

All applications for privileges to St. Joseph's must be reviewed by the City-Wide Credentials Committee (CWCC). Subsequent recommendations are submitted to the Joint Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), which must approve the procedural privileges and recommend your appointment(s) to the Boards of Directors for St. Joseph's.

The approval process generally takes 6-8 weeks. All applications and supporting documents should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the anticipated start date. Late submission may result in a delayed start date.

Application for Hospital Privileges - Submission Schedule

Items to be Completed by the Applicant (Physician, Dentist, Midwife)

All documents must be converted to PDF before sending to Medical Affairs. The hospital is currently removing all Microsoft Word files with a .doc extension from all internal and external emails.

Step 1: Credentialing Application Package


Step 2: Reference Form

Note: Clinical Academics who have obtained three references as part of the initial interview process have already completed this step.

  • Email the Reference form directly to your chosen three references.
  • The standard reference form must be used. Personal reference letters will not be accepted.
  • Request the reference to send the completed confidential reference directly to Medical Affairs.
  • At least one reference must be from an immediate supervisor.
Step 3: Health Screen Form
  • The City-wide Health Screen form is a component of the Health Review. Please ensure this form is completed before moving on to the next step.

  • You will not be able to begin your appointment until you are cleared by Occupational Health.

If you have any question about the health screen requirements, please contact @email.

Step 4: Current Curriculum Vitae

A current Curriculum Vitae (CV) is to be emailed to Medical Affairs, with a copy sent to your department administrative contact.

Step 5: Certification of Registration to Practice in Ontario

Medical Affairs will monitor and confirm valid certifications with the appropriate College.

Applicants will need to contact their College to apply for certification to practice in Ontario.

Applicants are encouraged to work closely with their college to ensure certification, as this process may take up to 8 weeks depending on various routes to certification:

Step 6: Current Confirmation of Professional Conduct/Letter of Good Standing

For Physician applicants

  • The applicant will need to log into their Member Portal to submit the Certificate of Professional Conduct (CPC) service request. Within the portal, members can monitor the progress of their CPC request and send direct messages to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). 
  • The CPC can only be requested once the CPSO license becomes active. Due to this, hospital privileges cannot be finalized and approved until after your CPSO licensure effective date. 
  • The CPC needs to be aligned to an Independent or Restricted certificate type (certificates with Postgraduate Education will not be accepted).
  • CPSO may take up to 15 business days to process the CPC once requested

For Dental applicants

  • The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) will issue a Letter of Standing to confirm College membership. 
  • The applicant is responsible for requesting the Letter of Standing from RCDSO and forwarding it to Medical Affairs.

For Midwifery applicants

  • The College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO) will issue a Letter of Professional Conduct to confirm College membership
  • The applicant is responsible for requesting the Letter of Professional Conduct from CMO and forwarding it to Medical Affairs.
Step 7: Confirmation of Professional Liability Membership Coverage

For Physician applicants

  • Apply for professional liability membership through the CMPA - Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • Membership must be for Ontario
  • The CMPA risk code must be in alignment with the Professional Staff work that will be done at the hospital. Code 12 is aligned to Resident/Clinical Fellows; therefore, it will need to be updated to realign with Professional Staff work
  • Proof of membership confirmation must be forwarded to Medical Affairs.

For Dental applicants

  • The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) will issue a Memorandum of Insurance Coverage to confirm liability coverage
  • The applicant is responsible for requesting the Memorandum of Liability Insurance Coverage and forwarding it to Medical Affairs.

For Midwifery applicants

  • The College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO) will issue a Letter of Malpractice Insurance Coverage to confirm liability coverage
  • The applicant is responsible for requesting the Letter of Malpractice Insurance Coverage and forwarding it to Medical Affairs.
Step 8: Membership with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or College of Family Physicians of Canada

Physicians applying for Professional Staff privileges must be registered members and maintain membership with one of the following colleges:

Those who hold a CPSO Restricted certificate of registration will not be eligible for membership as noted above, until such time as the applicant is eligible to write the required certification exam. 

Step 9: Privacy and Confidentiality eLearning and Other Required Learning

You will receive instructions from Medical Affairs on how to complete the Privacy eLearning and Agreement.

The Privacy eLearning and Agreement must be completed in order to receive your hospital Corporate ID and password. 

Once Privacy has been completed, the LHSC Physician Executive Lead of your department or the St. Joseph's department Chief's office will email your Corporate ID and password details to you, along with additional information relating to the following:

  • Training for the Electronic Health Records Systems (EHR)
  • Access to the ME(MyEducation) system.
    • The ME system is a learning management system that you will use to complete and maintain required eLearning. Required eLearning must be completed prior to the identified due dates within the ME system and must be kept up to date at all times.
    • eLearning is mandated either by legislation or hospital policy. 
    • Completion of eLearning modules is a requirement for continuation of all hospital privileges. Compliance must be maintained at all times. 
Step 10: Review Prior to Submitting the Application Package
Step 11: Save the Following Links to View Once You Receive Your Hospital Corporate ID and Password
Step 12: Preparing for your First Day

For information related to your hospital ID Badge, the Beep paging system, Dosimeters, parking, and more, please review the Preparing for your First Day page.



St. Joseph's is committed to follow the current Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Information provided in the application package will only be used for determining the applicant’s eligibility as a candidate for appointment.

Upon approval of the applicant's appointment and business address, appointment and privileges information will be shared with the relevant departments to facilitate access to corporate resources. Information may also be shared with the Western University, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry; and our regional hospital partners (Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital, Alexandra Hospital in Ingersoll, Woodstock General Hospital, Middlesex Hospital Alliance including Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital and Four Counties Health Services, and St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital).

All approved applications will be maintained by the Medical Affairs department for the duration of the appointment with St. Joseph's. Upon termination, records will be kept in an archive filing system for 7 years.