Vision, mission and values


We earn complete confidence in the care we provide, and make a lasting difference in the quest to live fully.

Mission - what we do

We help all who come to us for care to maintain and improve their health. We work with people to minimize the effects of injury, disease and disability. We do this by pursuing excellence in care, research and education in a wide range of hospital, clinic, long term and community-based settings.

In the spirit of our founders, we care in the example of Jesus Christ and in keeping with our values. We attend to the wholeness of each person – body, mind and spirit. We are a life-affirming community, nurturing a living spirituality through all stages of life, health, suffering and death. We ensure ongoing ethical reflection.

We advocate for those who are vulnerable and without a voice. We actively pursue and build partnerships to create a better health care system.

Values - how we serve

Values are the means by which we work together and serve others. We do our best to demonstrate these values in all actions and decisions, no matter how large or how small. We measure our individual and collective performance in relation to our values.


  •  Honour the people we serve
  •  Appreciate the work of others
  •  Welcome the contributions of all
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Be truthful, honest and open
  • Listen


  • Give our best each day
  • Be creative and resourceful with our gifts, skills and talents
  • Build on our proud past
  • Work as a team to seek the new, the undiscovered
  • Learn


  • Be with others
  • Understand their needs, realities and hopes
  • Give from the heart
  • Sustain the spirit
  • Make a difference
  • Care

St. Joseph’s mission, vision and values are aligned with those of the St. Joseph’s Health Care Society and the principles of Catholic health care from the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops.

We are guided by the Health Ethics Guide of the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada.