Preparing for Your First Day

Distributed Medical Education Sites (i.e. Hotel Dieu etc.): complete the tasks below at the site you will be doing your full training at.

Hospital ID Badge

If you will be working at both LHSC and St. Joseph's, you will need a separate badge for each organization.

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC)
Only one badge is required for both LHSC sites (Victoria Hospital and University Hospital) and can be obtained from either location (Victoria Hospital Room E1-500 and University Hospital CLL-102).

If you are a Resident or Clinical Fellow, you may be asked for you hospital appointment letter; please have it ready.

If you require door swipe access for access to secured locations, a signed ID badge request form will need to be authorized by your department leader. 

Clinical Student Placements (dentistry, midwifery, pathology, physician assistant, nurse practitioner) will require a signed ID badge request form from the department/program on your first day. The LHSC Physician Executive Lead of Midwifery will provide the form for Midwifery students as stated on your Requirements to Start document.

Postgraduate Trainees (not including Visiting Electives) - Please drop off your Life Insurance Enrollment Form to the representative when you get your ID Badge; this form must be handed in as a hard copy in person.

Please visit the Employee Services webpage for information on where you can obtain your ID badge; you will need to bring government issued identification.

St. Joseph's Health Care London (St. Joseph's)
Before going to the Security office, confirm with your Department Chief's office (Professional Staff) or your Program Director's office (trainee) to confirm that your name has been added to the St. Joseph's ID Request spreadsheet in Teams. 

Seven days in advance of going to the Security office to pick up the ID badge, individuals will be required to submit a photo to Security Services. Within the email, please indicate to the Security Office which hospital site (St. Joseph's or Parkwood) you will be picking up your ID badge from. The photo must meet the following requirements: 

  • Image to capture from shoulders up (we encourage to go a bit lower as well to allow for cropping of the photo)

  • Face and shoulders to the camera: straight-on

  • Subject of photo to be in contrast with the background

  • Background to be a solid colour (preferably grey, black, or blue)

  • Image to match current appearance

  • Not altered in any way

  • Eyes open and clearly visible

Professional staff and trainees are to go to the Security office to obtain their ID badge at:

  • St. Joseph's Hospital Security Level 0, zone B, room B0-401C

Note: Due to internal processes within the Security office, names added to the file cannot be processed until the following Monday. Names not located in the Security ID badge request file will not be granted an ID badge.

Questions on how administrators can access the ID Request spreadsheet can be emailed to Medical Affairs.

Beep: Urgent Messaging System (formerly Pocket Pager)

The hospital’s urgent messaging system is called Beep. Beep utilizes a mobile phone to replace physical pagers and can be configured for multiple contact methods such as SMS, Teams Chat, Cisco Jabber, phone call, and email.

Everyone will automatically be set up with a Beep account. To login to your Beep account, you will need to use your Corporate ID and password.

To locate your Beep number:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your hospital Corporate ID and password
  • Click on your name in the top right corner to view your profile which will list your Beep extension number

View the Information Technology Services (ITS) website for information on how to set your Beep account up.

If you prefer a traditional pocket pager, please contact Pager Management by email. Include the following information in your email:

  • Name
  • Campus you’d like to pick up the pager
  • Department the employee is in
  • Title of person that will carry the pager
  • What date should the pager account be ready
  • Phone number of the person to carry pager

A personal and confidential user ID number must be arranged to use the dictation system. To arrange an ID number, please contact Transcription Services after completing Cerner PowerChart training:

London Health Sciences Centre 

St. Joseph's Health Care London 

Dictation System Instruction Sheet

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Program (available once a Corporate ID has been assigned, to access the LHSC intranet): CDI is about the need to have documentation of condition(s), symptom(s), and/or disease(s) reflecting the complexity, acuity, and the resources used for patients. It is about impacting quality measures, improving data, and developing best standards.

Scrub Suits & White Lab Coats

Scrubs may not leave the hospital, this is policy. Please return your scrubs to the machines for laundry after every shift.


These are dispensed using the ScrubAvail ScrubEx dispensing system. The system is activated using an access card and works as a credit/debit system. There is a $50 deposit required.

Step 1. Using a credit card, please pay the deposit for the Scrub Card. You must use a credit card with your name on it.

Go to the London Health Sciences Centre home page:
Click on: Invoice Payment 

Input the following account number, Invoice number, and amount:
Invoice #:C1441117-1
Account #: C1441117
Invoice Amount: $50.00

Step 2. Once you have made your deposit, print off a pre-signed form and take it the Linen department to obtain your card.  

Linen Department Hours

University Hospital Room C1-307:
Monday to Friday, 7:30am-8:30am & 1:00pm-1:45pm
Victoria Hospital Room A1-400:
Monday to Friday 7:30am-9:00am & 1:00pm-2:00pm

Dispensing Machines

University Hospital: 3 machines are located on the 2nd floor

  • operating room corridor
  • OR female locker room
  • by Radiology near the elevators

Students and residents are normally given access to the machine located by Radiology 

Victoria Hospital: 2 machines are located outside the operating rooms on the 2nd floor

  • 1 machine in the MRI corridor on the 1st floor
  • 1 machine in OB/GYN area on 4th floor B Zone

Students and residents are normally given access to the machine located in the MRI corridor.

Upon your departure from LHSC and St. Joseph's

If your scrubs are accounted for in the system, your deposit fee will be fully reimbursed. If scrub sets are missing, you will be reimbursed only for the sets accounted for. Scrubs from LHSC deposited into the St. Joe's scrubs system will result in the loss of scrubs credits at LHSC. 

To receive your refund, you must complete a Cheque Requisition form at the Linen office and it will be submitted to HMMS along with your original deposit information. Once processed, a cheque will be mailed via Canada Post and takes 4-6 weeks. There is a $10 fee for lost cards.

St. Joseph's:

Scrub Card: A scrub card is required to collect and return scrubs from the scrub suit dispensing machine.

To obtain a scrub card:

Step 1. Go to the Business Office B0-068 (extension 64239) to pay the $50.00 deposit required to obtain a scrub card (keep your receipt to collect your refund at the end of the rotation).

Step 2. Give your deposit receipt to Environmental Services A0-012 (extension 66021) and fill out their scrub card form to obtain the scrub card. 

To obtain a refund: Go to Environmental Services A0-012 to return your card and obtain your receipt; take this receipt to the Business Office B0-068 to receive your refund of $50.00.

Note: No deposit is required for professional staff - paid by students, residents, and clinical fellows only.


White Lab Coats

For departments wishing to order lab coats, please contact Janet Addison at Scrubwear Factory: 519-452-1790 ext. 115

Radiation Monitoring Badges (Dosimeters)

Please ask your department/program if this is a requirement.

To receive a radiation monitoring badge (Dosimeter):

Radiation Safety will issue the dosimeter to the appropriate badge board in advance of the program or rotation that requires it. Please ensure all eLearning is up to date as outlined within your ME(MyEducation) account. 


  • If you do not have a SIN number contact @email.
  • If you are pregnant and require a Fetal Dosimeter please contact @email or @email if at St Joseph's.
  • Dosimeters are not to leave the hospital. Please leave on the OR rack.

City-Wide Parking: provides parking access to parkades at both St. Joseph's and LHSC. LHSC uses a transponder and St. Joseph's uses a swipe card.

Step 1. Complete parking application. 

Step 2. Obtain your St. Joseph's ID badge at Security Services: B0-401C (the St. Joseph's badge is the parking swipe card).  

Step 3. Visit one of the LHSC Parking Office locations (University Hospital or Victoria Hospital) with your completed parking application and active St. Joseph's ID badge. Let them know you will require city-wide parking. The Parking Office will:

  • Arrange monthly fee payment
  • Provide you with a transponder
    • Requires a $20 deposit which is refundable upon the return of the transponder
    • Victoria Hospital and University Hospital require a transponder for parking
  • Send the requisite parking form to St. Joseph's Parking, so that St. Joseph's can input your badge # into their parking system

Rates are subject to change, please contact the LHSC Parking Office for currently monthly rates. 

Returning your transponder: when the term of your work with LHSC and St. Joseph's ends, you must return your transponder.


Your safety is important, anytime you do not feel comfortable please feel free to contact Security at your training site. Panic buttons are located in tunnels and parking garages, and Security is available to escort you to your car. Fixed and portable panic/crisis buttons are also available in the emergency rooms.

Below are the internal extensions for Security at LHSC and St. Joseph's hospital sites:

  • St. Joseph's: 44555
  • Victoria Hospital: 52281
  • University Hospital: 32281

Any incident of violence, potential violence, or criminal activity should be reported to Security immediately. All emergencies should be reported to extension 55555 city-wide. 

Documents to Review

The following can be accessed via the internet. Please read and abide by:

The following can be accessed via the intranet after you have been issued your Corporate ID. Please read and abide by: