Corporate ID, Hospital Email, Remote Access, System Access, and Training

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Medical Affairs will request the following systems access:

  • Hospital Corporate ID
  • Outlook email account 
  • Cerner PowerChart
  • Horizon (Remote) access

Professional Staff (Physicians/Dentists/Midwives): Your systems access details will be sent to you from your Department Chief's office along with additional details to access various systems. This will be sent to you after you have completed the Privacy eLearning and Agreement. 

Postgraduates (Residents/Clinical Fellows/Visiting Electives): Your systems access details will be sent to you from Medical Affairs after you have completed the Privacy eLearning and Agreement. 

Login details to each application will be provided closer to the hospital start date.

Hospital Corporate ID

This account is used to sign on to hospital network resources, such as ePay, ME(MyEducation), OneChart, the intranet, and hospital computers. It will allow access to productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Horizon remote access, and allows you to access department drives where items such as call schedules are posted.

How to Obtain your Corporate ID

The Corporate ID and password will be sent once the Privacy eLearning and Agreement has been completed. Instructions on how to complete the Privacy eLearning and Agreement will be emailed to you by the Department of Medical Affairs. If these instructions have not been received, please email Medical Affairs

How to Change your Corporate Password

Once the Corporate ID and password has been received, users will be required to change their temporary password, which can be changed by visiting Password Change Website.

Important Note: You must change your password before you access your ME(MyEducation) account to complete the online training modules.

If at any time you forget your hospital password, contact the ITS Help Desk at 519-685-8500, extension 44357 (4-HELP). Please note that passwords cannot be changed by email. You will be required to call and speak with the Help Desk.

Horizon Remote Access and DUO (multi-factor authentication)

DUO is the multi-factor authentication (MFA) security solution that LHSC and St. Joseph’s have chosen to protect access to its corporate applications. DUO Mobile is an app that you install on your smartphone (or tablet) to receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication.

If you’ve already set up DUO for other hospital systems (e.g. Office 365 or MyHR), continue to step 2.

Set up multi-factor authentication with DUO 
  1. Install the “DUO Mobile” app on your iPhone or Android phone (or tablet).
    - Choose the app titled DUO Mobile with this logo:
  2. Log onto your work or home computer.
  3. On your computer, go to Please Sign In using your favorite browser.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts until you receive the “Enrollment Successful” message, and remember to choose the "Push Notification" option.
Horizon Remote Access

Horizon provides secure remote access to hospital information systems, including the OneChart electronic patient record, using standard internet web browsers. While using Horizon, your computing device is part of the hospital's network and as such is accountable to all corporate policies and standards. 

VMware Horizon remote access
  1. Visit   

  2. Use Horizon:

  • Option 1: on the web by clicking on VMware Horizon HTML Access or;

  • Option 2: install the VMware Horizon Client

Note: If you use Horizon at another organization and already have the Horizon client installed, you may be able to add the hospital server by clicking "new server" and typing the server name

If you have a Corporate ID, visit the Education and resources intranet page for more detailed instructions and other information about Horizon and DUO.

If you experience issues, please log a ticket through the ITS Self-Service Portal or by emailing the Help Desk.

Outlook Email Account ( or 

LHSC and St. Joseph’s will only communicate information to you through your Outlook email. You will be required to check your Outlook account on a daily basis.  

The hospital Outlook email system is a secure, private, and confidential mode of information transmission. Confidential or sensitive business, or identifiable patient or staff/affiliate information must not be transmitted by email external to the secure email systems of the hospitals. Information relevant to your practice as a physician in our hospitals will only be sent to your secure Outlook email account further to hospital policy. Failure to monitor this email may result in missed information relating to the maintenance of your hospital privileges/appointment. 

The secure system is comprised of London Health Sciences Centre ( and St. Joseph’s Health Care London ( domains.

Setting Up Outlook Email from Home

Set up DUO multi-factor authentication (MFA).

You must enroll with LHSC DUO multi-factor authentication even if you have already done this with Western.
Step by step instructions for DUO

Access Outlook via Office 365 from a computer external to the hospital by visiting the below link. You will need to log in with your Corporate ID/email and password, then verify access with DUO.

Setting Up Your Outlook Email from Within the Hospital

On a hospital PC, laptop, or Thin Client computer:

Click on Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office

Forward Western Email to Outlook Email

Your Western email account ( is outside the secure system.  

To minimize the number of accounts you need to manage, you can forward other accounts to your hospital Outlook email account; however, you cannot forward your Outlook email account to another account, and the ability to do so is blocked by server policy. 

For information on how to forward your @uwo email to your Outlook email account: Schulich Email Forwarding.

ME (MyEducation) Required eLearning and Course Registrations
Professional Staff, Schulich Residents, and Clinical Fellows 

ME(MyEducation) is a learning management system that features a catalog of eLearning modules that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This system allows you to access your required hospital eLearning (Certifications) and provides you the opportunity to register for various in-class training sessions and view optional e-Learning.

The ME(MyEducation) system will be available once you have completed the initial privacy eLearning and Agreement and you receive your hospital Corporate ID.

Sign in to Me(MyEducation) using your Corporate ID and password.

Required eLearning:

  • On the ME(MyEducation) home page, required eLearning is listed under the "Current Learning" area.
  • The average module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Modules are mandated by legislation or hospital policy.
  • To begin the learning module, select "Launch" beside the course name. A separate window will open with the learning content; follow the instructions in the new window to complete the module.

Registrations (N95 testing, ACLS, Crucial Conversations etc.)

  • Sign into ME, click Browse at the top of the page to open a dropdown menu, then select Browse Catalog.
  • Search under the heading by role and click on the course to register.

Residents, Clinical Fellows, and Professional Staff must ensure continues compliance with required eLearning at all times.

For assistance navigating ME(MyEducation), please contact Medical Affairs

Visiting Elective Residents and Visiting Clinical Fellows
Required Online eLearning and Declaration

Visiting elective residents/clinical fellows are required to complete the following:

  1. The Privacy eLearning and Agreement requires a username and password to access and complete this module. Login information can be found in the Hospital Application Package emailed to you by Medical Affairs.
  2. eLearning modules are required by legislation and hospital policy.
  3. When the required eLearning is complete, submit the Elective Resident Declaration Form. 
Visiting Elective Medical Students and Clinical Student Placements

ME(MyEducation) is not applicable to you. Move on to the next step. You will be prompted to complete eLearning applicable to you further on in your orientation steps.

Cerner PowerChart (Electronic Health Records)
Cerner PowerChart is accessed through OneChart electronic health record

This mandatory training must be completed prior to starting and will be done remotely through the Cerner portal. If in Windsor or a regional site, this can be done closer to your rotation.

You will receive an automated email when the journey has been assigned to you from the Learning Portal (@email). You will receive a second email with login instructions to access the Cerner Learning portal, this email will be sent from Inservice Registration (@email). 

The journey is comprised of individual activities that you must complete. It may take up to 4 hours to complete the journey; however, it is not necessary to complete all activities at once. It is important to note that if you exit before completing an individual activity when you return you will need to start the activity from the beginning.

Click here for tips on using the Cerner Learning Portal.

FirstNet (Emergency Department only)

The link to the FirstNet training will be sent to you from the Emergency Department closer to your rotation there.

Professional Staff

Click here for FirstNet Training

AGFA PACS and OneView

Those who will require access to the PACS system will have instructions sent to their hospital email. 

If you require access to OneView (imaging viewer for all of Southwestern Ontario) please contact the Help Desk.

OneView provides access to imaging from the Southwestern Ontario region (Windsor, Grey Bruce, Hamilton, Niagara) as well as the regional PACS sites.

Wireless (WiFi) Access

Eduroam or education roaming, provides roaming wireless network access for students, staff, and faculty at partner institutions.

To connect to the eduroam network, choose “eduroam” from your list of available WiFi networks.

When logging into eduroam, users must enter their email address and password from their home institution (  Any issues connecting should be directed to your home institution, not to the hospital Help Desk.

London hospitals offers a range of WiFi connection options. Visit the WiFi section of the ITS intranet for more information.

City-Wide ITS Help Desk for London Hospitals

Call 4-HELP or 519-685-8500, extension 44357.

Help Desk Support Specialists are available to assist you 24/7/365.