2023 Excellence in Professional Practice Awards and Bursaries

St. Joseph’s  Excellence in Professional Practice Awards  recognize nursing and other allied health discipline staff who are at the heart of patient and resident care.

Each year, recipients are nominated by their peers or leaders for leading by example and for exemplifying the Mission, Vision and Values of St. Joseph's. This year’s recipients were honored during an in-person ceremony on Sept 27.

At St. Joseph’s, professional practice is defined as the reflective application of knowledge, skill and judgment, based on the scope of practice of a health care profession. It also reflects a commitment to strong ethical values, to working collaboratively with others, and a desire to build caring relationships with patients and their families.

“We are so very proud of the hundreds of educated professionals, skilled care providers, compassionate healers and devoted advocates; those who serve within the walls of our facilities and those who are reaching out and connecting with patients and clients in the community,” remarked Karen Perkin, Vice President of Patient Care and Chief Nurse Executive.

Bursary applications are also accepted annually, creating an opportunity for nursing and professional practice staff to apply for funds to support their studies. The bursaries are made possible through generous donations to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. 

“As health care continues to evolve and progress, we know that additional training- and the expansion of knowledge and skills- contributes to innovation and new ways to improve the delivery of care,” says Roy Butler, President and CEO. 

This year’s professional practice award of excellence recipients are pictured below, with a small quote from their nominators.

Excellence in Clinical Practice Awards

Kelly Muhsin, Registered Nurse, Infectious Diseases Care Program


Acute Ambulatory Care

Kelly Muhsin, Registered Nurse, Infectious Diseases Care Program

“Kelly has been an essential anchor in our team to keep the whole group functioning smoothly and who drives innovation in providing excellent patient care.” 






Sherry Davis


Complex Care, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics

Sherry Davis, Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition Services

“Sherry’s actions demonstrate her exceptional advocacy to resident well-being, exemplifying her willingness to go above and beyond her duties to ensure they receive the necessary care and support.”  





Gian Kris Caliao


Mental Health Care

Gian Kris Caliao, Registered Nurse, Treatment and Rehabilitation Program

“Gian consistently advocates for every client. He ensures that staff are aware of their specialized needs and works diligently to create care plans that promote client well-being.”








Mental Health Care

Rhonda-Rickwood, Forensic Psychiatry Program

“Rhonda is able to connect with patients who are escalating and understands that sometimes it’s just a moment that they need support. She is respectful and compassionate in her patient care delivery and interactions.” 





Miranda Roovers


Mental Health Care

Miranda Roovers, Occupational Therapist, Forensic Psychiatry program 

“Miranda is uniquely capable in her ability to support a compassionate and respectful approach to care. She is purposive in her acknowledgement of the unique experience and humanity of each individual. Patient, humble, respectful and compassionate are all words that describe Miranda’s professional practice.” 





Post-Acute COVID-19 Program


Team/Group Awards

Post-Acute COVID-19 Program (Shannon McGuire, Kailey Tebbutt, Sarah King, Nadia Torrieri, Mariah Zalitach, Dr. Michael Nicholson, Brandy Cholmondeley, Adrianna Krzysiak)

“The Post-Acute COVID-19 team dedicates a considerable amount of effort towards coordinating with primary care, employers, as well as caregivers to increase awareness and to strongly advocate for patient's needs.”  

Cindy Cook


Excellence in Leadership Award:

Cindy Cook, Registered Nurse, Ambulatory Medicine

“Cindy is a person who loves to resolve the current challenge, sought after by the teams that she supports. She has been instrumental in defining and then re-defining workflow for outpatient clinics.”






Adrienne Lorincz


Excellence in Teaching and Coaching Award:

Adrienne Lorincz-Bennett, Medical Imaging Technologist, Breast Care Program

“One of Adrienne’s notable contributions is her ability to effectively present to colleagues in her field, sharing her expertise on breast positioning and best evidence-based practices. She actively seeks opportunities to disseminate knowledge not only within our team but also to others in the field.” 




Joey Pipicelli

Excellence in Innovation and Evidence Based Care Award:

Joey Pipicelli, Occupational Therapist, Roth | Mcfarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre

“Joey’s dedication to education is further demonstrated by his willingness to invest his personal time to teach and support students and fellows. His personalized approach to teaching has made him an exceptional mentor and leader in the field of hand therapy."

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