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Scientist looking through a confocal microscope

Lighting the way to better heart care

The heart is one of the hardest working organs in the body, pumping vital oxygen and nutrients through the blood to keep the body’s system in good functioning order. When the heart becomes damaged or weakened by other conditions – a syndrome called heart failure – a person can be left breathless, perpetually fatigued and at risk for serious health issues. It can lead to long hospital stays, ongoing hospital readmissions and, in certain cases, can be life-threatening. “One of the biggest problems with heart failure is that it's nearly impossible to predict who will develop it,” says scientist...
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Andrea Campbell seated next to softly blurred images of therapeutic artwork and a walk in nature

Therapeutic recreation supports recovery

On the surface, therapeutic recreation can look like a lot of fun and games with activities that may include journal writing, sculpting and painting. Below the surface, however, lies a health care profession that can help restore an individual’s mental and physical well-being. As therapeutic...
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woman drinking coffee in front of a store

Concussion patient advocate shares her experience to help others

A few years ago, Jill Wright's life was turned upside down in an instant. She had a lot on her mind, juggling a busy work schedule, shuttling her daughters to after school practices and preparing for the grand opening of her family's espresso bar. It was during one particularly hectic evening that...
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four people hold up a large cheque

Concussion recovery app launches with donor support

Small beginnings, big ideas and proactive creativity. Long before the advent of the smart phone, these were the principles that led Frank Cowan to success in the early 20th century insurance business. A century later, the Cowan Foundation has continued that legacy through their support of...
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Medical resident Rochelle Johnstone wearing stethoscope, mask and surgical scrubs

Celebrating our medical residents

Each February, Resident Awareness Week is celebrated across Canada in appreciation for the role of medical residents in the delivery of care. This year’s recognition week takes place Feb. 8-12. The week serves as an opportunity to raise awareness of just who medical residents are and acknowledge the...
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woman wearing headset sitting at desk look at computer monitor

Cardiac Rehab embraces virtual care

For Wayne Moore of Strathroy, the virtual connection to his cardiac rehabilitation care team at St. Joseph’s meant everything to his recovery from heart surgery in February. As the pandemic evolved and in-person hospital visits were not possible, the Cardiac Rehabilitation team embraced technology...
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Dr. Gillian Kernaghan

Reflecting on donor support

Your donation matters here. That short but profound statement is true. Every gift to St. Joseph’s helps to advance care, treatment, and research to ease the burden of illness and injury experienced by people from across our region. As wave 2 of the pandemic continues, we remain focused, strong and...
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