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hockey player getting ready

Pink in the Rink

Lacing up their skates and running their drills is second nature to the young athletes from the Lambeth Lancers Minor Hockey League. It's something they do hundreds of times a year to develop their hockey skills and compete. But once a year, their practices and games mean something more, and become bigger than the everyday as the teams take part in the annual Pink in the Rink event to raise funds for breast cancer. Since 2014, the Lambeth Lancers Minor Hockey League has annually spent months planning and organizing the special event in support of St. Joseph’s breast cancer research and...
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Dr. Mohan Merchea and Dr. Gaya Sivakumar sitting together.

Dream maker

Long-time St. Joseph’s physician Dr. Mohan Merchea is helping ophthalmology residents find their passion. Dr. Gaya Sivakumar and her husband Rikin packed up their one-year-old daughter and boarded a flight to India for a learning experience that would change the ophthalmology resident’s life and...
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Dr. Swati Mehta sitting and smiling

Rebuilding through care and connection

Five years ago, donors helped Dr. Swati Mehta launch a unique mental health study for people with physical disabilities, not knowing how many lives it would change. Today, hundreds of people are thriving in mind, body and spirit after participating in Dr. Mehta’s internet-based Cognitive Behavioural...
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Tiffany and her family

Seeing clearly

Londyn can’t wait to see the stars. At 10 years of age, she has lived with cataracts her entire life The congenital eye disorder severely clouds her vision, making it impossible for her to see clearly. In a few weeks, she will have her second surgery – and it all will change. “When her eyes heal...
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Dr. Stephen Pautler sitting in the operation room

The art of surgery

Donors funded St. Joseph’s first da Vinci robot in 2005. Nearly 20 years later, they’re doing it again. In 2008, St. Joseph’s urologist Dr. Stephen Pautler was invited to mentor a Toronto surgeon completing his first robotic surgery. During the media scrum that followed, a reporter asked Dr. Pautler...
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Beverly and James Thompson standing in front medical imaging equipment

Generations of giving

Down-to-earth, quietly generous, and community minded are just a few of the words that come to mind when you think about Beverly and the late James (Jim) Thompson and their family. Along with the generations of the family that came before them, they have been enriching communities across Ontario for...
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Megan Jackson, Project SEARCH intern

Embracing opportunities

Less than a year ago, high school student Meghan Jackson was hesitant to ride the bus alone. The fear of missing her transfer or becoming overwhelmed weighed heavily on her mind. Fast-forward to today and Meghan confidently navigates not one, but two buses to her new part-time job at St. Joseph’s...
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Anne Toal & Paul Brisson standing next together

Big gifts in small packages

For 17 years, Anne Toal and Paul Brisson have been supporting the purchase of modest items that deliver an immediate impact on patient care. Anne Toal was a newly-minted Parkwood Foundation Board member in 1992 when a funding request arrived: staff had identified a research project to enhance the...
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photo of homeless hub indigenous shelter

Partnered to create a homeless hub at Parkwood Institute

In partnership with Atlohsa Family Healing Services and as part of the Health and Homelessness: Whole-of-System Response, St. Joseph’s became an official site for a homelessness hub in London and continued to re-develop the Indigenous-led shelter –Wiigiwaaminaan – in J Building at Parkwood Institute...
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staff walking group

Launched well-being initiatives for our staff and physicians

From pet visitation to on-site massages and healthy living education sessions, staff and physicians across St. Joseph’s participated in offerings to improve their personal well-being. In the fall of 2023, St. Joseph’s launched the Healthy Living Series to provide staff, physicians, learners and...
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