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Jenna and Bonnie Haynes standing in a hallway at Parkwood Institute, holding bags of linens

Helping patients in their quest to live fully

Jenna’s eyes light up as she walks through the halls of Parkwood Institute Main Building helping other patients get where they need to go. Since being admitted to hospital in April 2021, the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) inpatient team caring for Jenna noticed her increasing frustration with not being able to go home and not having a bed in LTC. For patients like Jenna with neurobehavioral disorders due to brain injury, having too much spare time can also trigger behavioural responses. "Her confidence and positivity grew so muh and the energy she gave to other patients and myself was...
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Wendi Heal gesturing toward her throat while she sings during therapy to restore her voice

Surviving COVID-19 – the recovery reality

Wendi Heal had heard the horror stories about those who ended up on a ventilator with COVID-19. And here was the lead COVID-19 physician at her bedside explaining her deteriorating condition and just that grim possibility. “I remember asking him what my chances were for recovery once on a ventilator...
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Laurel Lamarre and Chris Boyd wearing masks standing in front of the Family Education Resource Centre at Parkwood Institute

Supporting families through education

Understanding how to support a loved one with a severe and persistent mental illness can be challenging and at times, even isolating. That is why, more than 15 years ago, the Mental Health Family Education Course was introduced at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, in support of patients and their...
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Jill Chapman and her husband and son at an ice hockey rink

An unwanted discovery leads to thoughtful gift

Jill was watching an episode of Oprah when she first discovered the lump in her right breast. Oprah’s guest was explaining how to check a bra’s fit and Jill was following along when she felt the mass. It was an anxious feeling given that she had recently been given a clean bill of health after her...
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Jonathan Batch standing with a graphic quote: "... Everyone at St. Joseph's is pulling in the same direction."

Meet St. Joseph’s new Board Chair 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and the province resumes transformation of health care delivery, St. Joseph’s Health Care London welcomes a new Chair of the Board of Directors. But Jonathan Batch is no newcomer to St. Joseph’s, complex work environments, shifting sector landscapes, or...
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teenage boy receiving a COVID-19 vaccination from a female clinician

A sigh of relief

Like so many people with serious health conditions, Joel McLaughlin lived in fear of contracting COVID-19. Yet, he was also terrified of what it would take to properly protect himself – the vaccine. At 17, Joel has spent a lifetime in and out of hospital battling asthma, pneumonia and numerous...
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over the shoulder view of a patient holding a cell phone to view a video on hand therapy

Overcoming barriers to virtual care

Adjusting to life after a stroke can be difficult for patients and their caregivers, with many survivors eager to utilize services to aid their recovery. That’s true for many of the patients of St. Joseph’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program at Parkwood Institute says Karen Heys, Intake Support...
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two men raising their drinks while sitting outside

Your donations fueled our fight against COVID-19

Keeping people connected During a time of self-isolation, the world has become much smaller. Your support kept loneliness at bay for residents, inpatients and Veterans through the purchase of iPads and SMART Boards for virtual calls with loved ones, which also provided fun and educational...
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two women standing at the counter of the store where they volunteer

Eager to help

While many volunteers continue to stay safe at home, they remain within our hearts and have been greatly missed at St. Joseph’s. Nearly 1,000 volunteers play an integral part in the care experience of each patient, visitor, resident and staff. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, St. Joseph's Volunteer...
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Female scientist adding sample to test tube

Your donations unleashed the possibilities of medical science

Not always visible to patients and visitors are the specialized labs and research centres that exist across the many sites of St. Joseph’s, and the dedicated medical scientists who work in them. Hospital-based medical research has always been central to the care mission of St. Joseph’s. In fact...
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