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two women standing at the counter of the store where they volunteer

Eager to help

While many volunteers continue to stay safe at home, they remain within our hearts and have been greatly missed at St. Joseph’s. Nearly 1,000 volunteers play an integral part in the care experience of each patient, visitor, resident and staff. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, St. Joseph's Volunteer Services Program was temporarily placed on hold in March 2020. As vaccines circulate within our community and COVID-19 case numbers drop, our organization looks forward to welcoming back volunteers in a phased approach beginning September 2021. The safety of our volunteers, staff, physicians...
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Elderly man and woman are seated beside each other and are are kissing with their faces away from the camera

Together again

After more than three decades as husband and wife, Adam and Suzanne Jessburger were separated due to illness. Almost a year ago, during the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, both were hospitalized at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). Now the lovebirds are grateful to be together at St...
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three members of a volunteer vaccination team wearing matching T-shirts

Reaching out to rise to the challenge

A small but mighty team at St. Joseph’s has been helping to ensure vulnerable individuals in our community receive COVID-19 vaccinations. This trio of staff members, called the COVID Response and Stabilization Team (CRST), volunteer their time administering the vaccine in London area group homes...
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an Indigenous woman raises the Wampum flag at Parkwood Institute, as two flag holders look up at it

Recognizing National Indigenous Peoples Day: June 21

An important milestone in celebrating the heritage and diverse cultures of Indigenous peoples in Canada; June 21, 2021, marks the 25th anniversary of National Indigenous Peoples Day. In recognition of this significant day, the Two Row Wampum Flag was risen for the first time at St. Joseph’s Parkwood...
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Stroke patient Michael Kan doing rehabilitation rope exercises with physiotherapists supervising

The steepest slope

Semi-retired Michael Kan went about his typical morning routine on Mar. 29, 2020. As an early riser, his day began with a run, weight-lifting and other high-intensity training exercises. As a natural athlete, runner, skier and outdoor enthusiast, Michael was in impeccable shape when he finished his...
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a youth shown from behind wearing a toque and a backpack, walking with head down in a city with high rise buildings

Who makes up Canada's homeless population?

At a virtual event, a research team led by Lawson Health Research Institute announced details of a new project aimed at better understanding how many people in Canada are homeless and who they are. Developing more accurate sources of data related to homelessness helps ensure the proper supports and...
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Quotation: "It will... remind all nurses that we are truly strong together" next to a nurse holding a painting of a nurse with an angel touching her shoulder.

The art of resilience

Works of art are often visual stories unfolding before our eyes. A piece of artwork meticulously created by Annette Janssens, registered nurse (RN) at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care (Mount Hope), hangs proudly on a wall at the facility. The piece is a tribute to the hard work, dedication and...
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hand reaching upward from the dark, holding a lit cell phone flashlight with "Shine a light for all they do on May 1 at 9 pm" text

Celebrating Doctors’ Day in 2021

On May 1, the Ontario Medical Association and health care organizations across the province will recognize the extraordinary contributions of Ontario doctors by celebrating Doctors’ Day. Let’s celebrate and thank our doctors for their expertise and dedication to patient care. Now, in the second year...
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portraits of Lindsay Culford, Courtney Moore and Clark Heard

Unsung heroes

Congratulations to occupational therapists Lindsay Culford, Courtney Moore and Clark Heard for being chosen as the recipients of the “Unsung Hero” Award by the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University in Hamilton. This award is in recognition of the occupational therapy placement...
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