A woman sun bathes on the beach.

When medication is mixed with sunshine, beware the side effects

Brighter, warmer, longer summer days are a few things most Canadians look forward to. But if your medication doesn’t mix with sunshine, a sunny day may end with a nasty sunburn. While most know to avoid alcohol or certain foods that can interfere with some prescription medications, there is less...
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Hand therapist Joey Pipicelli examining a female patient's hand in an office with a model of a hand skeleton on the desk

Lending a hand across the globe

It’s been an interesting time in health care. Across the province, COVID-19 care ramped up leaving some clinical areas with lower patient cases as hospitals were directed to focus on safety and pandemic capacity. At St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Roth|McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre (HULC)...
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portraits of three women: Dr. Sandra Fisman, Trish Travis and Alexis

Endings, beginnings and the confidence to grow

Alexis remembers sitting on her bed thinking “why am I even here? I don’t want to be.” At only 12 years old, while most young girls are envisioning and wading into the freedoms that lie ahead, Alexis couldn’t see a future for herself. Nor could she understand this overwhelming feeling of...
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Dr. Denstedt with urologic surgeons in training

Sharing the wealth of knowledge

The field of urology is continually evolving. New techniques, new research and new equipment are advancing care of the urinary-tract system and male reproductive organs. Canada is among the leaders in the changing landscape of clinical care but for other countries, simply remaining current is a...
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The scoop on poop

Like blood transfusions, fecal transplants save lives. Don't flush away an opportunity to help. Learn about fecal transplants and how anyone can be a poop donor. It’s inevitable that any conversation with Dr. Michael Silverman loops around to poop. Few get as excited at the mention of this bodily...
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Bicycle Built for Two

Fresh air and fun with Mount Hope’s Cycling Without Age program

When Glen Marsh straps on his helmet and settles into his bike seat, he never has to pedal. He leaves that to someone else. “It’s so fun to be on a bike again because it reminds me of when I was a little boy,” says Glen, a resident at St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Mount Hope Centre for Long Term...
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Paul with staff team

When life changes in an instant

It started like any other day. Paul Garrett could never have imagined that by the end of the day, he would be paralyzed from the waist down. On May 25, 2019, Paul was making coffee before another day’s work as an appliance installer when he noticed a slight tingling in the toes of his right foot...
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Dr. Michael Silverman poses for a photo in his clinic.

A father’s legacy, a son’s calling

From childhood, Dr. Michael Silverman had been primed for the role he would eventually take on after medical school – one he saw as a vital blend of social justice and medicine. Today, Dr. Silverman is Medical Director of St. Joseph’s Infectious Diseases Care Program, citywide Chair/Chief of...
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Wes McTeer

A soldier's story of finding hope

Ten years ago, Wes McTeer, was on the battlefields in Afghanistan. At 21 years of age, alongside fellow soldiers, he cleared main supply roads of improvised explosive devices and mentored the Afghan National Police. It was an extremely dangerous mission, but from an early age, Wes knew he wanted to...
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