Celebrating Doctors’ Day in 2021

On May 1, the Ontario Medical Association and health care organizations across the province will recognize the extraordinary contributions of Ontario doctors by celebrating Doctors’ Day. Let’s celebrate and thank our doctors for their expertise and dedication to patient care.

hand reaching upward from the dark, holding a lit cell phone flashlight with "Shine a light for all they do on May 1 at 9 pm" text

Now, in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario Medical Association is inviting all Ontarians to come together from a distance to recognize our doctors for all they do.

How to participate

  • Shine your light to show your appreciation for Ontario's doctors at 9 pm on May 1. Through your window, on your balcony, on your front porch, or wherever you are, turn on your phone’s flashlight and hold it high for about five minutes.
  • Sign your name to pledge your participation and show your support
  • Post to your social media channels, and tell us why you’re shining your light for doctors using #DoctorsDay and #ShineALightForThem.

Every day, more than 340,000 patients across the province are treated and cared for by doctors. Ontario’s doctors work hard to ensure that patients are getting the care they need. Whether it’s in a hospital, long-term care home, clinic, research lab or in a patient’s home, Ontario’s doctors make a positive difference in the lives of patients by providing the highest quality of care.

A total of 2,226 doctors are working in London’s hospitals. St. Joseph’s and LHSC are grateful for and thanks all our dedicated physicians for the exceptional care they provide – during this global emergency and at all times.

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