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St. Joseph's continues to celebrate our 700 staff, physicians and volunteers making career milestones as part of our organizations Service Recognition Program.

Noelle Tangredi, graphic designer, e-learning developer – and keeper of St. Joseph’s Hospital’s artifacts - is among this year’s recipients celebrating a 35-year career milestone.  Here’s her story.

Noelle Tangredi’s connection to St. Joseph’s Health Care London (St. Joseph’s) runs far past her own 35-years of service. Among her family members, her mother also worked at St. Joseph’s. She fondly remembers waiting in the hallways with her father after school for her mother to finish work, after which they would all drive home together.

“St. Joseph’s already felt like a second home before I ever started my career here,” says Noelle. “I spent time roaming the halls as a child, meeting my mom after work and going home together. “My mom and sister both worked at St. Joseph’s for many years in clinical roles. I never thought I’d work here because I didn’t go into a clinical field, but when a job became available I applied – and here I am 35 years later.”

Noelle Tangredi

This year, Noelle is one of 700 staff, physicians and volunteers celebrating career milestones as part of St. Joseph's Service Recognition Program. Every year, St. Joseph’s recognizes the contributions of all those who have reached milestones – in increments of five- from five to 45 years of service.

Throughout her career, Noelle has worn many hats within the organization. She began working at St. Joseph’s as a switchboard operator and receptionist at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, formerly St. Mary's Hospital and Marian Villa.

“When I began work at Marian Villa and St. Mary’s the atmosphere was like one big family,” she says. “We all went for lunch and breaks together in the little cafeteria on site and talked about our families or laughed about what happened on Seinfeld the night before. It was a really fun time.”

Noelle also recalls the many changes that have taken place since her time at Mount Hope, including the various roles and people that maintained the facility.

“St. Joseph’s, as well as St. Mary’s and Marian Villa, were largely self-sufficient in terms of services. Staff included cooks who prepared meals from scratch, seamstresses who crafted curtains, carpenters who repaired or created custom furniture and cabinetry and a dedicated gardener that tended to perennials and flowering trees,” says Noelle. “Over time, some of these roles underwent changes or became obsolete. If anything, it’s a reminder that change is constant and staff always have the remarkable ability to adapt and evolve.”

Noelle moved on to work briefly as an assistant for the then Director of Special Projects before moving into her current role as eLearning developer and graphic designer with Organizational Development and Learning Services, where she would spend the majority of her career.

With roots embedded deeply with the fabric of the organization, Noelle would also become well-known for honouring and preserving St. Joseph’s roots to the past. She would grow to become the unofficial keeper of St. Joseph’s Hospital’s artifacts and history, after coming across an old box at work in a storage closet. She would take it upon herself, along with other interested staff members, to help restore and display the historical artifacts for both the staff and community to enjoy.

Since 2016, Noelle has been helping to preserve St. Joseph’s history by displaying the artifacts through exhibits at St. Joseph’s Hospital, while seeking the invaluable assistance from the Congregational Archivist for the Congregation of The Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada to ensure the artifact’s stories are also preserved and items are catalogued with accuracy.

“I feel fortunate to have been surrounded by colleagues and leaders who have consistently offered their support and inspiration." - Noelle Tangredi

“I happened to find out about boxes full of artifacts in storage and made it my mission to get them organized and have a way to share them with the staff and community,” as she mentions that the work is often done with passion in her spare time.

Noelle Tangredi

For Noelle, the history of the organization also has a personal connection as she remembers special encounters with some of the Sisters who once governed the hospital or remained as volunteers.

“When I first started at St. Joseph’s, many Sisters volunteered on a regular basis and there were a few who still worked there,” she explains. “Sister St. Edward worked in admitting at St. Mary’s and her office was directly opposite the front desk where I worked. We had a lot of fun working together and she had a great sense of humour. We kept in touch on and off over the years and I will always miss her.”

Looking back on her career, Noelle remains grateful for the people she has worked with, opportunities she has been provided with, and people she has encountered during her time at St. Joseph’s.

“I've discovered a profound sense of fulfillment in my role, even during difficult times,” she adds. “I feel fortunate to have been surrounded by colleagues and leaders who have consistently offered their support and inspiration. Meeting so many exceptional individuals throughout the years has left me feeling incredibly fortunate, and I can only express my hope that St. Joseph’s will continue to draw in such remarkable individuals.”

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