Our People: Meet Cy Hartland, Volunteer

What do you know about the people you pass in the hall or see in the cafeteria every day? What do they do at St. Joseph’s?

Here we will introduce you to a member of the St. Joseph’s family, recognizing their contribution to respect, excellence and compassion.

Cy helping people find their way at Parkwood Institute


When you walk through the front doors at Parkwood Institute’s Main Building, there’s a good chance you will be greeted by the friendly face of Cy Hartland. As a volunteer at St. Joseph’s for six years, he eagerly greets patients and visitors at the main information desk; escorting them to appointments, answering questions, or simply providing a welcoming smile at the front door.  

Cy also volunteers his time at the Parkwood Institute Main Building Patient and Family Caregiver Advisory Council, where he advocates on behalf of patients and residents to bring positive changes to St. Joseph’s programs and services.  

A typical day

In a typical day, Cy is on the move.  As a volunteer “runner” he personally walks as many people as possible to their appointments or destinations. “At the information desk, I am often the first point of contact for people coming through the door. It’s important to make people feel comfortable as they may have a lot on their minds.”  

Personal touch

Walking patients and visitors around the corridors of St. Joseph’s is something Cy does not take for granted. In 2009, Cy was a patient himself when he suffered a spinal cord injury at his workplace, while working as an auto mechanic.  Told he may never walk again, Cy underwent several surgeries and with the help of Parkwood’s Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Team he was able to regain his mobility. Unable to work, Cy now spends his time volunteering – and giving back. 


“It’s why I volunteer – to give back to the place that has helped me. I know how many people are feeling – I’ve been there myself and it can get better.”  

Just for fun

A “car guy” at heart, Cy is an avid collector of valuable die-cast cars and trucks – a hobby that has merged out of his love for automobiles.

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