Our People: Meet Mallory Abraham, Connect Care Officer

What do you know about the people you pass in the hall or see in the cafeteria every day? What do they do at St. Joseph’s? Here we will introduce you to a member of the St. Joseph’s family, recognizing their contribution to respect, excellence and compassion.


Still not sure what Connect Care is all about? Look no further than Mallory Abraham – who will gladly share her knowledge and expertise. As a Connect Care officer, Mallory is responsible for coordinating St. Joseph’s volunteers who install Connect Care equipment, managing inquiries from patients, family members or health care professionals, as well a vast number of administrative duties.

“Education and awareness is a big part of my role,” says Mallory, “some staff may not know that proceeds from Connect Care go towards supporting St. Joseph’s programs or that it’s been part of St. Joseph’s for over thirty years.”

Since 1987, the ConnectCare Program at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute has offered a reliable, affordable medical alert service called ConnectCare to the residents of Southwestern Ontario. The state-of-the-art technology allows individuals to remain living safely and independently at home for as long as possible.  All net proceeds from the service go back to support hospital programs at St. Joseph´s Health Care London.

Typical Day

A typical day for Mallory involves training and working with numerous St. Joseph’s volunteers who go above and beyond to install, maintain and provide customer service to Connect Care subscribers. She also informs and educates patients and the community about Connect Care services, as well as general administrative duties. As Connect Care receives many referrals from healthcare professionals across Southwestern Ontario, Mallory also fields questions and handles referral based inquires and requests.


“Amidst the business of the ConnectCare office, and numerous intakes and inquiries in a day,  Mallory creates a customer focused encounter for every interaction she has, enabling their ‘peace of mind’ by always seeking to find a solution to help anyone who calls ConnectCare asking for our help.  She goes out of her way to insure our subscribers, their families, our volunteers and our team is comfortable with everything we do.  The ConnectCare Team is grateful for Mallory and her work.”  - Kerrie Dewachter, Coordinator, Rehabilitation

Personal Touch

A dedicated volunteer herself, Mallory was recently selected as this year’s Share the Spirit site lead for Parkwood Institute Main Building. In this volunteer role, she will rally spirited staff to get involved, organize in site-specific events and help St. Joseph’s reach its campaign goals.

“Share the Spirit is a great way for staff to support both St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation and United Way Elgin Middlesex. A lot of people don’t realize that donations can be directed towards a specific St. Joseph’s or United Way program. It feels good knowing where your money is going in addition to supporting causes that both our patients and community use,” says Mallory.

Just for fun

After a three-month backpacking trip across Europe, Mallory developed a passion for travelling. Her next big travelling adventure is a trip to New Zealand, where her family has roots. “Travelling opens your mind and eyes to so many different cultures, people and experiences – it’s very rewarding,” says Mallory. 

For more information about ConnectCare, visit https://www.sjhc.london.on.ca/connectcare

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