Parkwood patients get a bird's-eye view

The wildlife in the back garden at Parkwood Institute got a little wilder with the arrival of some out-of-town visitors. 

Falconer Mike Shore brought three of his birds of prey  "Doc Holliday" the juvenile bald eagle, "Emmy Lou" the Harris hawk and "Loretta Lynn" the eurasian eagle owl – for a visit with patients, families and staff. The visit was arranged by the therapeutic recreation specialist team at Parkwood Institute for patients in the Complex Care Program. 

Shore gave every patient got an up-close view of the birds and shared some fun facts about these species. Doc Holliday, all nine pounds of him, is still a juvenile whose head won't turn white like adult bald eagles until he's about five years old. Like many owl species, Loretta Lynn can rotate her head 270 degrees. Harris hawks are known for being the most sociable among the birds of prey, and even hunt in groups. Several patients and family members had a personal visit with Emmy Lou and noted how light she feels on their arm.

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