St. Joseph’s fosters the spirit of giving back

Inspired by St. Joseph’s mission to advocate for the vulnerable and those without a voice, staff and physicians rallied together in support of the health and well-being of our community through our annual employee giving campaign, Share the Spirit.

Now in its 12th year, the four-week campaign engages staff and physicians each year with an opportunity to make a donation to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation and/or United Way Elgin Middlesex.

Share the Spirit Committee

Together, the work of these two organizations affects the lives of countless people, including many of St. Joseph’s patients who live in the community.

“It was an honour to witness the outpouring of enthusiasm and generosity by staff and physicians who stepped up to make a difference in our community and in the lives of the patients and residents we serve,” says Amanda Thibeault, Director, Professional Practice and Share the Spirit Co-Chair. “From participating in campaign events to generously giving back to our community – it’s true moments of our mission in action.”

This year’s campaign raised a grand total of $148,965.69, with $66,248.26 going to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation and $82,717.44 going to United Way United Way Elgin Middlesex.

Supporting the highest priority care needs

Ryan Byrne, St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation's Marketing and Communications Manager, accepted the cheque on behalf of the foundation. “We’re very proud of St. Joseph’s staff and physicians who recognize the need in our community and support this campaign. Monies raised for the foundation through Share the Spirit will be used to support the highest priority care needs essential to the lives of patients and residents across St. Joseph’s,“ remarked Byrne.

Kelley Thomson, development officer at United Way Elgin Middlesex, explained that dollars earmarked for United Way will benefit many in our community who are in need. “We are very grateful for the generosity of St. Joseph’s staff and physicians each year,” says Thomson. “Donations go towards alleviating the root causes of social issues and bring together people and resources to create positive, lasting change within our community by focusing on the areas of poverty, mental health, and supporting individuals through difficult transitions.”

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