The Tangredi ties – “St. Joseph’s has always felt like home”

Johanna Prins
Johanna Prins was a registered cytologist in the blood bank at St. Joseph's Hospital

Noelle Tangredi’s family ties run deep at St. Joseph’s – nearly 70 years deep.

With her mom, sister, two nieces and husband all with connections – “St. Joseph’s  has always felt like home,” says Noelle, an E-learning developer now in her 35th year with the organization.

It all started with Noelle’s mom, Johanna Prins, who began working in the blood bank at St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1956 under Sister St. William Ford, then supervisor of the blood bank. Johanna would become one of the first to work in the hospital’s new cytology lab. Sister St. William created room in the blood bank for a cytology lab and Johanna was encouraged to learn the technique. She would work at St. Joseph’s for more than 30 years and eventually become a registered cytologist before retiring in 1987.

Noelle recalls spending a lot of time at the hospital as a child waiting for her mom after school so they could walk or drive home together.

“I remember her letting me put the mail in the pneumatic tubes that sucked the mail down to the mail room and using the scary elevator with a gate that had to be closed first and then the buttons pushed.”

Johanna Heard
Johanna Heard enjoyed a 23-year career as a registered practical nurse at St. Joseph's.

Noelle’s sister, Johanna Heard, joined St. Joseph’s as a registered practical nurse in 1969, which would lead to a 23-year career that saw her work at St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital and Marian Villa. Then came niece Louise Heard in 1987, who worked in Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care for about a decade. The FNS tradition was continued by niece Jennifer Heard, and also by Noelle’s husband Peter Tangredi, who has had several roles within FNS since 1989 and continues to work in the department.

Since starting at St. Joseph’s, Noelle has worn several hats. She began in switchboard/reception at St. Mary's Hospital and Marian Villa, became “secretary of special projects”, and later moved to her current role in Organizational Development and Learning Services.

“I never thought I'd end up working here because I was the only non-clinical person in my family (aside from my dad),” says Noelle. “But when a job became available after I had been laid off from another job, my sister encouraged me to apply. I've now been here 34 years. Although people in my ‘work family’ come and go, I'm so grateful for the incredible people I've met over the years--many of whom I'll always be in touch with.”

Peter and Noelle outside
Peter and Noelle Trangredi
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