Transformed the breast biopsy experience


Our teams worked to develop a new breast cancer biopsy method that combines contrast enhanced mammography (CEM) with mammography-guided biopsy technology to streamline the process for patients and technicians.

In a newly published study in the American Journal of Roentgenology, a team at Lawson Health Research Institute was the first in North America to find that a new breast cancer biopsy method may offer a more accurate and comfortable option for patients. The method uses a new form of mammography software that combines contrast enhanced mammography (CEM) with mammography-guided biopsy technology at St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program. These tools were combined in an effort to make the biopsy procedure more streamlined, accurate and easier for patients and technicians. CEM is a relatively new form of mammography that uses contrast iodine injected intravenously, acting like a dye and allowing radiologists to spot potential cancerous lesions more effectively. If potential lesions are found, a biopsy is often the next step. Previously MRI’s were needed to biopsy suspicious legions, meaning longer procedures and working with limited MRI availability. As well, it is sometimes hard to find the same lesion on the MRI, and the MRI itself can be uncomfortable for the patient. Also, some lesions that are close to implants or chest walls cannot be reached with MRI guided biopsy. This software means that patients can have the biopsy done with the exact same modality, avoiding the need for an MRI.

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