Unsung heroes

Congratulations to occupational therapists Lindsay Culford, Courtney Moore and Clark Heard for being chosen as the recipients of the “Unsung Hero” Award by the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University in Hamilton. This award is in recognition of the occupational therapy placement opportunities the recipients provide to McMaster students despite the added challenges of the pandemic.

portraits of Lindsay Culford, Courtney Moore and Clark Heard

The award is granted to facilities, faculty, community members or students who have made a special contribution to the School of Rehabilitation Science that goes above and beyond the call of duty in the areas of research, administration and/or education. 

Courtney, Lindsay and Clark are occupational therapists at St. Joseph’s Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care. The Unsung Hero Award acknowledges this dedicated trio for going above and beyond during this global crisis to provide educational opportunities to the next generation of occupational therapists. St. Joseph’s congratulates these committed professionals on this prestigious honour. Here’s what each recipient thought upon receiving this award.

Lindsay Culford

“The Unsung Hero award brought some light during a dark time. I feel very grateful and honoured to receive this award. Being a graduate of McMaster University’s Occupational Therapy Program, I always strive to give back to the program and receiving this award from them was a wonderful feeling.”

Courtney Moore

“I feel privileged to be able to share my passion for occupational therapy practice in forensic psychiatry with emerging therapists. It is an honour to be recognized as a preceptor. I am truly grateful for this recognition.”

Clark Heard

“This award is meaningful on so many levels. It's been a difficult time for people during the pandemic and I appreciate the recognition, the light, that this award shines on the efforts made by our hospital, the team, the professional practice staff, and leadership all working together to prioritize student clinical education during some really challenging circumstances. The outcomes really matter for students. I am also a McMaster University graduate so this award has special meaning to me."

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