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Your gift to Season of Celebration will support the purchase of care and comfort items that make a hospital feel more like home — everything from accessible furniture and exercise equipment to blanket warmers and interactive technology that keeps those in hospital connected to the outside world.
Pee when you cough?

Do you pee when you cough? 

Or maybe it happens when you sneeze or exercise? If you do, you may have urinary incontinence. This common and often embarrassing problem occurs more often than you would think, affecting one in four women middle aged and older. The severity of urinary incontinence can range from occasionally...
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Chris Porter and Danny DePrest sitting on a couch together

Strengthening care for future generations

Family means everything to Danny and Chris. The siblings are among the youngest of 11 children in the DePrest family. They immigrated to Canada from Belgium in 1954 after family and friends boasted of ‘roads paved with gold and money everywhere’. The reality of what they found didn’t hold up to the...
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St. Joseph's receives Green Health Care Awards

St. Joseph’s received two awards and one honourable mention at the 2022 Green Health Care Awards presented by the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (CCGHC). Recognition through the Green Health Care Awards is predicated upon the results of a completed Green Hospital Scorecard survey, a...
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