Jenna and Bonnie Haynes standing in a hallway at Parkwood Institute, holding bags of linens

Helping patients in their quest to live fully

Jenna’s eyes light up as she walks through the halls of Parkwood Institute Main Building helping other patients get where they need to go. Since being admitted to hospital in April 2021, the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) inpatient team caring for Jenna noticed her increasing frustration with not being...
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Wendi Heal gesturing toward her throat while she sings during therapy to restore her voice

Surviving COVID-19 – the recovery reality

Wendi Heal had heard the horror stories about those who ended up on a ventilator with COVID-19. And here was the lead COVID-19 physician at her bedside explaining her deteriorating condition and just that grim possibility. “I remember asking him what my chances were for recovery once on a ventilator...
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Laurel Lamarre and Chris Boyd wearing masks standing in front of the Family Education Resource Centre at Parkwood Institute

Supporting families through education

Understanding how to support a loved one with a severe and persistent mental illness can be challenging and at times, even isolating. That is why, more than 15 years ago, the Mental Health Family Education Course was introduced at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, in support of patients and their...
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Jill Chapman and her husband and son at an ice hockey rink

An unwanted discovery leads to thoughtful gift

Jill was watching an episode of Oprah when she first discovered the lump in her right breast. Oprah’s guest was explaining how to check a bra’s fit and Jill was following along when she felt the mass. It was an anxious feeling given that she had recently been given a clean bill of health after her...
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Dr. Pautler in a medical exam room wearing a white lab coat showing a diagram to a male patient

Putting the lid on coffee shop talk

It’s time to end misconceptions about prostate screening. Poised over a medical model of a detachable penis in his office at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dr. Stephen Pautler quips, “to screen or not to screen, that’s really the question.” Shakespeare he’s not, but as a urologist for almost 20 years, Dr...
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