Christopher Lincoln

From film to focus

On the cusp of graduating from the Advanced Photography Program at Fanshawe College in 1990, Christopher Lincoln was offered an out of the blue proposition. “Who wants to work in a hospital?” a program instructor asked the group of budding photographers. Not knowing exactly what it would mean for...
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ashley camden and jeanette lydestad

Fueling lifelong learning

Working as a nurse for more than 35 years, Jeannette Lydestad, RN, has taken many opportunities to further her education. “Learning new things always keeps your mind active and young,” she says. Recently, Jeannette realized her family needed the security of a full-time role – something not available...
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A man (Neil Pasricha) standing on stage at a podium

The 2024 Breakfast of Champions was worth waking up for

If there’s one word to describe the 2024 Breakfast of Champions, it’s this one: awesome . An excited crowd of close to 1,200 people woke up early and came together at RBC Place London on Tuesday, May 7 for this year’s event. It was a high-energy morning spent celebrating people making a difference...
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Sean and Claudette at Southwest Centre

A day in the life of the Forensic Rehabilitation Team

The overnight nurses complete a handover of care to the nurses starting the day-shift – reporting on how patients did overnight – medication is administered, and breakfast is served to patients. By 8:30 am, the unit’s care station is filled with a flurry of activity. The clinical team gathers to...
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