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Care at St. Joseph’s Health Care London is about more than just the treatment of illness or injury. It’s about considering each person as a whole – body, mind and spirit.

This Season of Celebration, we’re on a mission to ensure that everyone in our community receives compassionate care now and well into the future. We cannot do that without your support.

We urgently need funds to purchase and replace essential equipment and its needed now more than ever, especially as the demand for health care increases. And thanks to a generous anonymous donor, all gifts will be doubled up to $200,000 until December 31, 2023.

If you can, please give a gift to help people receiving care today!

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Your Donation Matters to People Receiving Care

Helen Anderson smiling towards camera
Meet Helen
Helen, a proud WW II Veteran, finds purpose and community at Parkwood Institute. Enlisting at 17, she served overseas as a dispatcher and nurse. Now 98, she thrives in the Veterans Care Program, embraced by a caring staff who support her passions.
patient Kersten smiling towards camera
Meet Kersten
Kersten's journey from addiction and despair to a life of purpose and advocacy is a testament to the transformative power of St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program. Through the unwavering support of dedicated staff, she found hope, healing, and a newfound sense of belonging.
Resident Nancy sitting on a chair
Meet Nancy
Nancy has cherished personalized care at St. Joseph’s for more than 50 years. Her positive outlook and heartfelt connection she has with the staff have been vital in overcoming health challenges, from battling infections as a teen to recovering from a severe fall.

Give a Gift. Brighten a Life.

Your gift today will help deliver care to people in more than 1,000 inpatient beds. You’ll also support nearly 1 million visits to St. Joseph’s for outpatient care and immediate help in the Urgent Care Centre.

Your donation will support people receiving care through equipment like:

Pianos (8)

Music can be a powerful tool for calming and healing. People receiving care in the Mental Health Program need eight pianos to increase treatment options available to them. Pianos can help people relax, explore emotions and memories, reduce anxiety and depression and many more benefits.

Slings for Lifts (40)

Getting in and out of bed is challenging for people with limited mobility. The movement creates risk for injury from a slip or fall. Slings for patient lifts are the safest way to help people get in and out of bed and stay connected to activities and people. This essential equipment is used daily; forty slings need to be replaced now.

TVs (8)

Waiting rooms can often make people feel anxious and unsettled. That is why it's so important to create comforting spaces where there are distractions and opportunities for engagement. Eight televisions are needed now to help create a welcoming and reassuring space to reduce anxiety and help people before and during their appointment.

Blanket Warmers (3)

A warm blanket is more than cozy, it is life-saving. Warmed blankets are vital to regulating a person's core body temperature before and after surgery to prevent hypothermia, pain and other complications. They are also used after all types of exams and procedures to help people relax. Three blanket warmers used daily in care need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Personal Care and Comfort

Arriving without basic necessities – like a toothbrush, shoes or fresh clothing – is reality for many people receiving care for severe and persistent mental illness. Funds are needed now to purchase these items to help people feel cared for and comfortable while in hospital.

Cuddle Beds (6)

Being together, without restriction, is incredibly important during end of life care. Standard hospital beds prevent children, spouses, siblings or friends to be close with their loved one. Cuddle beds are wider creating space for people to embrace, spend time together and make final lasting memories. Six of these special hospital beds are needed today.

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  • Double your donation

    To make the season brighter, a generous anonymous donor has offered to match all gifts to Season of Celebration received by December 31, 2023 up to $200,000. Your donation will help fund essential equipment and resources twice as fast.

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