Season of Celebration

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Give a Gift. Brighten a Life.

The Season of Celebration campaign began 31 years ago in an effort to make our care-giving sites feel more like home for residents and patients in our care. Did you know there are more than 1,000 inpatient beds at St. Joseph's? We are a home for Veterans, residents in our long-term care facility, people in our mental health program and those requiring specialized care. Many of these people won't have the option of leaving our care to visit family over the holidays.

Every holiday season, donations to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation will support the purchase of care and comfort items that make a hospital feel more like home — everything from accessible furniture and exercise equipment to blanket warmers and interactive technology that keeps those in hospital connected to the outside world. 

This year, your gift to Season of Celebration will support an urgent need to replace more than 80 specialty mattresses and beds across our care-giving sites. Besides providing a good night’s sleep, these high-quality mattresses and adjustable beds help ease the burden of illness and injury.

You can help residents and patients in our care like Lou and Maria rest comfortably with a special gift to Season of Celebration. In response to your generosity, our care-giving sites will shine pink symbolizing the community's support for those in hospital throughout the holiday season.

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Stories of the Season

man wearing his military medals
Your Donation Matters to Lou
Before moving into the Veterans Care wing at Parkwood Institute, Lou's health had been getting difficult to manage and he had developed a pressure wound that would not heal. But thanks to a specialty mattress that helped treat his injury, Lou no longer experiences pain and he is back to enjoying his life again.
Maria Deryk soc teaser
Your Donation Matters to Maria
Maria’s move to Mount Hope has been beneficial for her health and her well-being. She finds it easier to manage her type 2 diabetes, which had been a challenge at her previous residence. She also loves riding on a uniquely engineered bicycle pedaled by a recreational therapist. It reminds her of growing up in Holland.