Research: Chemical Management Safety Quiz

Study the Lawson Chemical Safety Presentation before completing this quiz below. Carefully read each question and then click the box located beside the correct answer(s). If you have any questions please contact @email

If for some reason you have difficulty completing the quiz below (all questions require an answer to submit), alternatively you can download a copy of the quiz (word) below and return it to @email.

1. Toxicity is a measure of:
2. In the laboratory, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must only be used when working with toxic or corrosive chemicals:
3. Skin contact with chemicals can be avoided with the use of (select all that apply):
4. Contact with a chemical on an open wound or cut would be considered:
5. Fume hoods can be used to safely work with biological agents:
6. Liquids stored on lab shelves:
7. Glacial Acetic Acid is listed as a Class 3/Class 8 flammable-corrosive liquid. It should be stored:
8. When working with non-volatile toxic chemicals, the following PPE should be used (check all that apply):
9. Is this statement correct? Solutions of Sulphuric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide can be safely stored together.
10. Which of the following are Physical Hazards? (Check all that apply):