ABI Referral and Contact Information

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Parkwood Institute – leading the way in treatment of concussions

Through innovative programs, the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Outpatient Program at Parkwood Institute, part of St. Joseph's Health Care London, is getting people back to school and life by helping them recover from their brain injury.

Patients can participate in group and one-on-one therapy. They are provided education and tools to help them cope with life and manage ongoing brain injury symptoms. Support is also available for families and caregivers.

Our programs focus on strategies to help:

  • Activity and exercise and pacing activity
  • Balance
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Sleep
  • Memory and attention
  • Mental health
  • Family and friend support and education

The program is funded by Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Referrals for in-clinic therapy are accepted from the 10 counties of Southwestern Ontario. Community-based services are limited to London and surrounding area.

Services we provide:

  • assessment and ongoing support of a physiatrist (a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation)
  • assessment and therapy from health professionals including
  • occupational therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • psychology
  • speech-language pathology
  • social work
  • therapeutic recreation
  • rehabilitation provided by a rehabilitation therapist, under the direction of a regulated health professional
  • help with communication skills
  • training and support with activities of daily living
  • help getting back to school
  • community reintegration
  • counseling and education about acquired brain injury for patients and families
  • help with vision
  • individual rehabilitation plans completed prior to treatment, which outlines specific treatment goals as well as timelines for their achievement
  • regular communication between the treatment team, the patient/family, other service providers

Please note: If you suspect you've sustained a concussion (e.g., in the last 48 hours), please follow the instructions in this downloadable PDF document.