Pre-placement requirements

All students are required to complete the following prior to their start date:

Please review our Pandemic Memo Package prior to your student placement experience. We have continued to update and change the information in the memos to align with current regulations and restrictions.  

Please refer to the Required Learning Chart by Student Role - Excel document (accessible pdf version of chart) for the list of learning modules you must complete before your start date. In the Excel version, the column containing the list of learning modules has been frozen so you can scroll to the column for your student role and easily align it next to the list of learning modules. 

The learning modules are found on the Required Learning Modules page.

Upon completion of all your required learning, you must submit the Student Declaration form to your school. Students who have multiple placements at St. Joseph’s must complete the required e-learning annually. 

This Student Checklist helps to identify your accountabilities before, during and at the end of your placement.

Health requirements

Health review forms

COVID Vaccination

All students and clinical instructors (CIs), whether in-person or remote, will now be required to obtain the COVID vaccine for placement purposes, or provide proof of a legitimate medical exemption. Students and CIs will be required to obtain their first dose prior to Sept. 1, 2021 and are expected to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 1. Academic sites are responsible for tracking student vaccination statuses (fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, medically exempt) and sharing aggregate data to St. Joseph’s Occupational Health and Safety Services (OHSS) monthly. Health card numbers for any students who are partially vaccinated or medically exempt will also be required to have regular (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) rapid antigen testing throughout their fieldwork placement. Please view the full COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ.

Influenza vaccination

The students and the influenza vaccine flowchart outlines the process that will be followed for students related to flu vaccination and outbreaks.  

One of the options to facilitate a placement continuing for an unvaccinated student in an area with an influenza outbreak is for the student to obtain a prescription for Tamiflu and provide proof he/she is taking Tamiflu. St. Joseph’s does not provide Tamiflu to students.  

Vulnerable sector checks

Students who interact with patients

Students completing placements at St. Joseph’s Health Care London whose placement requires direct interaction with patients are required to obtain a vulnerable sector check (VSC) from their local police service. Students who are also St. Joseph's employees are exempt from this requirement.

Clinical instructors of student groups will be required to obtain a VSC annually. St. Joseph's employees are exempt from this requirement.

A vulnerable sector check is an enhanced criminal record check. This type of record check was created in 2000 to protect children and vulnerable persons. Vulnerable sector checks are used to verify if an individual has a record suspension (formerly pardon) for sex offences. They also include checks of national data bases maintained by the RCMP and local police records where the applicant lives. Vulnerable sector checks must be conducted by the local Canadian police service where an applicant lives. 

Please note that some police services require several weeks to months to process VSCs, so we advise that you contact your local police service well in advance of your placement to verify processing times. Inability to meet the deadline for this pre-requisite will cause delays and even cancellation of your clinical placement.

Students who do NOT interact with patients

Students whose placement does not require them to interact with patients are required to obtain a Police Information Check (see process flowchart). St. Joseph's employees are exempt from this requirement.

Required learning

If you are a student, volunteer, or fellow in research at Lawson, please access the Research Students Learning Requirements to complete all the required learning.

All other students will need to access the learning on the Required Learning Modules page. Please complete all the modules for your discipline. The learning modules that apply to your student role can be found in the Required Learning Chart by Student Role - Excel document (accessible pdf version of chart). In the Excel version, the column containing the list of learning modules has been frozen so you can scroll to the column for your student role and easily align it next to the list of learning modules. After completing all the required learning, please submit the Student Declaration form to your school. Students who have multiple placements at St. Joseph's must complete the required learning annually.

Preparing for your first day

Students are expected to contact the health care professional supporting their learning prior to the start of the placement to confirm if there is additional information that should be reviewed in preparation for the placement.  

The health care professional supporting the student can also confirm details regarding parking, personal attire, orientation, and identification badge/access cards for the placement.


Information about parking can be found on St. Joseph’s parking information.

Personal attire

The personal attire required varies according to site and role but there are three requirements that are consistent across the organization:

  • the environment is scent free
  • jewelry should not be worn by individuals who work with patients other than a wrist watch and a medic alert bracelet that are cleaned regularly 
  • functional footwear is required for individuals who work with patients  -- closed toe/closed flat heel, material impermeable or resistant to liquids, no large openings or holes, and slip resistant sole

Identification badge/access cards

Clinical Groups - Students completing a placement in a group with a clinical instructor from the school are required to wear their school identification at all times on St. Joseph’s property. Students will receive St. Joseph’s identification badges from the clinical instructor on the first day of placement. Students learning at Parkwood Mental Health Care Building or the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care will also be given a personal panic alarm by the clinical instructor. All supplies provided by the clinical instructor will be collected from the students by the clinical instructor.   

Individual Placements - Students completing an individual placement supervised by a St. Joseph’s staff member are required to wear their school identification at all times when on St. Joseph’s property. 

On the first day of the placement, the staff member supervising the student’s learning will accompany the student to obtain a photo identification badge issued by St. Joseph’s Security Services in addition to the Security Package (i.e., access cards, keys, panic alarms, etc.) applicable to the placement location.  On the last day of placement, the student will go back to Security to return ID and the Security Package. 

Tracking of these security items occurs by Security, is jointly monitored by Security and Student Affairs, and in the case of discrepancy between Security and a student, the supervisor will be contacted as a secondary source of validation. 

If security items are documented as not returned or lost, Student Affairs will liaise with the health care professional supporting the student learning to verify the non-return of security items, after which time an invoice will be sent to the school for the missing security items. 

The cost of lost identification and access cards is $50.00 per item, lost keys are $75 per item, and lost personal alert device is $180. 

The school will follow up with the student regarding the bill for these lost items as per the school’s policies and protocols. See the process flowchart for the assignment of security items for more information.


During your first week of placement, you will be required either to attend a workshop (with the health care professional supervising your learning) OR review the recorded session and orientation package with your health care professional.  

If your placement is greater than one month full-time and commences in January, May, or September, the health professional supervising your learning at St. Joseph’s will confirm if the two of you will attend the live workshop or will complete your orientation through the above self-learning orientation package.  

The workshop gives students and the health care professionals supervising their learning, tools to build an effective learning partnership.

Topics include clarification of mutual expectations, communication strategies and using awareness of personal strengths to enhance the learning experience.

You may begin reviewing the self-learning student orientation package in preparation to discuss the materials with the health professional that will be supporting you. Please note you will need to enter the network login ID and password for St. Joseph’s computer system that you received from your school to read the policy links in the package.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development has streamlined the WSIB claims process for students completing unpaid work placements in funding eligible Ministry approved programs through Colleges and Universities.

Under the WSIB Claims process, Training Agencies are:

  1. Required to have in each student file, a declaration signed by the student indicating that s/he understands that s/he has WSIB coverage while on unpaid work placements.
  2. Required to provide a letter to Placement Employers indicating that:
  • Placement Employers and Training Agencies are not required to complete and sign the online Postsecondary Student Unpaid Work Placement Workplace Insurance Claim Form for each student in order to secure WSIB coverage;
  • All WSIB procedures must be followed in the event of an injury/disease; and
  • Training Agencies will keep a signed original of the placement letter on file and ensure that Placement Employers have a copy.

3. Required to notify the Placement Employer whenever there are any changes to the work placement.