Life is made up of moments. Moments that connect, transform and inspire us.

We are pleased to present our 2023/2024 Annual Report to the Community, filled with moments from the last year that best reflect the commitment and dedication of our staff, physicians, students and volunteers to achieve our vision and mission.

A message from our President and CEO and Board Chair

Life is made up of moments. Moments that connect, transform and inspire us. Through innovation, dedication and partnership, these moments improve care, foster research, bolster the knowledge of our health care team and nurture the next generation of care providers.

We asked St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s staff and physicians to help us select the moments from the past year that best reflect the commitment of our teams in achieving our vision and mission. These stories, shared here through our 2023-2024 Annual Report to the Community, are a glimpse of the exciting work happening at St. Joseph’s in our programs and services and outside our walls through outreach and partnerships as we contribute to the health and wellness of our community.  

Our report highlights St. Joseph’s becoming a centre of excellence in molecular imaging and theranostics, collaboration with organizations like Atlohsa Family Healing Services to support people experiencing homelessness, and novel partnerships to address long-standing barriers to care, such as those faced by victims of sexual assault in the region and mental health care outpatients needing crisis intervention and short term treatment.

These are just a few of the many examples of how we are reaching out to our community, furthering discoveries in research and care and living our values of respect, excellence and compassion in service to our patients, residents, caregivers and region.

Roy Butler, PhD
President and CEO

Roy Butler, President and CEO

Nawaz Tahir
Chair, Board of Directors

Nawaz Tahir

Treasurer's Report

Mary Gillett
Mary Gillett, Treasurer, St. Joseph's Health Care London Board of Directors

St. Joseph’s reported strong financial results for 2023/24 while the needs of our communities continue to grow and our health system transforms.

During 2023/24, St. Joseph’s was able to meet nearly all volume accountabilities established with Ontario Health West including 332,000 patient/resident days, 24,000 surgeries, 51,000 urgent care visits and 794,000 outpatient and outreach visits, including 81,000 virtual visits.

St. Joseph’s continues to operate a 40-bed surge unit at Parkwood Institute in partnership with London Health Sciences Centre and the support of Ontario Health to respond to the elevated need for bedded hospital space in our region. Through our continued focus on implementing surgical recovery planning, we were also able to complete an additional 1,300 surgeries to support our health system and community.

St. Joseph’s ended the fiscal year with an accounting surplus of $19.3 million driven by strong performance of St. Joseph’s investment portfolio and the receipt of one-time funding to support prior year incremental expenses incurred as a result of Bill 124 (Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector Future Generations Act) being repealed. The surplus will enable important investments including ongoing renewal of our facilities, new clinical and corporate systems and strengthening partnerships across our health system and community.  

St. Joseph’s invested $27 million in new equipment and building-related projects including the replacement of our Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner imaging equipment, MRI upgrades, investments in our electronic health record systems and ongoing elevator replacements. Donors play a critical role in enabling St. Joseph’s to meet the growing needs in our community. We are grateful for the support of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation and the generosity of its donors, contributing more than $3.5 million to St. Joseph’s capital investments.

Going forward, as St. Joseph’s strives to meet the growing health care needs in our community, we face several challenges from unprecedented inflationary pressures on hospital salaries, benefits and supplies and ongoing pressures of the Bill 124 judicial review that ruled it to be unconstitutional. Now more than ever we need to ensure we have sufficient funding to meet growing community needs combined with increasing expenses. 

Our strong financial results for 2023/24 position St. Joseph’s well as we respond to the challenges ahead while continuing our mission of excellence in care and our pursuit of forging a better health care system for those we serve. 

Mary Gillett,
Treasurer, St. Joseph's Health Care London Board of Directors

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