A Message from the President and Board Chair

With Gratitude for Your Continued Support

Once again, the community drew alongside St. Joseph's during challenging times, demonstrating that supporting local healthcare matters.

Michelle Campbell and Theresa Mikula
Michelle Campbell, President and CEO, St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation and Theresa Mikula, Board Chair, St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation.

The global pandemic has redefined many aspects of our lives – the way we live and work, how we feel, and how we think. It has also caused us to reflect on what matters most.

Despite another challenging year, St. Joseph’s continued to feel the community’s support for its work, and to receive its generosity. That strong show of support inspired us to innovate in creative ways, and to respond to the urgent healthcare needs of those who needed us most.

Ongoing healthcare protocols required to keep people safe in turn restricted, reduced – and even cancelled – much of the Foundation’s usual activity and community engagement. Marquee events for which the Foundation is known were again moved to a virtual format, including the 2021 Breakfast of Champions for mental health care with David Sheff. The Foundation marked the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin in London and raised funds for diabetes research at St. Joseph’s through the virtual Coming Together for Diabetes event, featuring former Humboldt Broncos hockey player Kaleb Dahlgren.

A highlight of the year was seeing our organization’s recognition of William and Lynne Gray in the unveiling of the Gray Building at Parkwood Institute, a first for St. Joseph’s. The William and Lynne Gray Building will house, among many other programs, the new Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity that is taking shape.

Research received a tremendous boost of donor support with generous multi-year commitments for programs like the MacDonald Franklin OSI Research Centre at Parkwood Institute, and new endowed research chairs in transformational medical imaging and medical biophysics. The Foundation also continued its commitment to supporting capital needs, providing $3,685,685 to the hospital for the purchase of medical equipment for frontline patient care.

The Board of Directors developed a new strategic plan, a roadmap for how we will meet the needs of the hospital’s clinical and research priorities postpandemic. The approval of the newplan by the Board early in 2022-23 will help guide the Foundation’s strategy for anticipating and supporting the ever-evolving needs of St. Joseph’s.

While the road ahead remains uncertain, the future will build on what we learned in the last two years. These challenges have clearly shown that giving to healthcare continues to matter to Canadians. We are so very grateful for your continued support of our work at St. Joseph’s.

Michelle M. Campbell
President and CEO
St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

Theresa Mikula
Board Chair
St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

portrait of Roy Butler, President and CEO of St. Joseph's Health Care London

My Personal Thanks

Having stepped into the role of President and CEO of St. Joseph’s during the turbulence of an ever-evolving pandemic, and as a leader at St. Joseph’s for more than two decades, I am continually inspired by the enduring dedication of our St. Joseph’s family – and by your generosity. These challenges have affected all aspects of our lives, yet you have been there for our organization and for our community at every turn. The difference you make does much more than shape the care we are able to provide. It bolsters the resilience of our staff and physicians. Thank you for your steadfast support of St. Joseph’s and all who rely on London’s healthcare system at this critical time - and always.

Roy Butler
President and CEO
St. Joseph’s Health Care London