A message from the President and Board Chair

Keith Trussler and Michelle Campbell in front of donor wall

Your Donation Matters Here

We use that phrase often because it’s true. Over the past year, your donations have meant that thousands of patients, residents and their families benefited from significant investments in care, teaching and research at St. Joseph’s. Allocations made to patient care and medical research this year increased by 65% – an impact on care that would not have been possible without your support, and included investments such as: 

  • imaging equipment like the 3T MRI that will make diagnosing disease faster and more accurate. 
  • new equipment in the operating rooms at St. Joseph’s Hospital that has helped to maintain our exceptional surgical services. 
  • new ways of providing patient care virtually, such as internet based mental health services, allowing for easier and more timely access for patients. 
  • iPad technology at the bedside at Parkwood Institute to allow patients and residents to communicate with loved ones, particularly during these challenging times.

It is remarkable to look back at years of grants to patient care to see what donor gifts have enabled in St. Joseph’s ever-changing high-tech medical environment. In fact, this year we mark the 15th anniversary of the merger of our legacy foundations at St. Joseph’s. Since 2005, donor support has enabled the Foundation to invest more than $70 million in patient care, teaching and research innovation across the organization, initiatives for which there is no other funding. In that time, your support has helped us to fuel technical innovation at the bedside, build new clinical spaces, launch specialized care centres, and kick-start medical innovations – some of which are recognized as Canadian firsts. 

Because of you, St. Joseph’s is able to offer exceptional medical care right here in our own community.

Your donations really matter here. Thank you.

Michelle M. Campbell  
President and CEO
St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

Keith Trussler
Chair – Board of Directors
St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation