Breast Care Program - What To Expect

The best in care

The patient-focused approach at St. Joseph’s means women and men are involved in their care and care decisions. Patients can expect the following

  • Compassionate and professional care. Taking into account your individual care needs, the staff and physicians will care for you in an environment of respect, excellence and compassion. 
  • Well-organized and convenient care. When you are referred for breast assessment, your appointments will be scheduled so that you receive necessary imaging and breast biopsy in one day when possible. 
  • Streamlined care from the time an abnormality is found to treatment and follow up. You will be supported by an expert team. A nurse navigator will help to coordinate all of your care from your first appointment for breast assessment through the entire breast care journey.
  • Access to digital imaging, which is proven to increase cancer detection
  • Expert diagnostic services
  • The best in surgery
  • Referrals to community resources as needed 
  • Follow-up care, including surveillance and support


  • Innovation Matters Here.

    We strive for the best care through knowledge. 

    Dr. Viraj Mehta