Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program - What To Expect

All patients undergo medical evaluation so that we can gather information about your physical abilities, medical limitations, other conditions you may have, as well as your psychosocial needs. This assessment may also include a cardiopulmonary exercise test. The cardiac rehabilitation team will use this information to tailor the program to meet your individual needs and ensure that it is safe and effective for you. This will include an exercise program, general risk factor education and counseling as needed in nutrition, psychological and behavioural issues, smoking cessation, or medications.

Entering the program is an important step towards improved heart health. We focus on helping you return to your normal daily activities and cope with the psychological and social aspects of having a heart condition. We also help you reduce your risk of having another heart problem and to control symptoms, such as pain or fatigue, caused by the heart condition or that result from heart surgery.

Over the long term, you will learn how to identify and control risk factors that may have contributed to your heart disease. Heart-healthy behaviours will become a vital part of your life and will begin to have a positive effect on your overall health.

We look forward to assisting all of our patients along this road to recovery.

Program highlights:

  • Medical assessment
  • Physical activity counselling and exercise programming
  • Nutrition and weight management counselling
  • Smoking cessation therapy
  • Heart health education
  • Psychological services

What you will gain

  • New knowledge, skills and confidence to help you recover and reduce the chances of having another heart event.
  • Improvement of your physical functioning and emotional well-being
  • A better understanding of your condition
  • The support of others with heart conditions
  • Changes that improve your overall quality of life.