NeuroTrauma Rehabilitation (NTR) - Before You Arrive

Our Facility

NTR is embedded within Parkwood Institute, which provides access to a broad range of resources. Parkwood Institute Main Building includes two separate gyms, each dedicated to physiotherapy and occupational therapy respectively. These facilities feature a variety of state-of-the-art resources including innovative technologies, a warm water pool for hydrotherapy, as well as a wheelchair skills lab. Parkwood Institute is one of a very few organizations across Canada to offer this distinct collection of therapeutic technologies.

Intake Support

Following an injury, navigating access for services is often complex. Our intake support specialist guides individuals throughout the multistep process to coordinate rehabilitation care and services.

Our Customers and Partners in Care

We work in partnership with many professionals within our community, including lawyers, insurance adjusters, case managers, as well as physicians and other allied health providers. NTR primarily provides services to individuals who have access to third-party funding. These funding sources include automobile insurance, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Armed Forces, Blue Cross or private insurance (e.g., extended health benefits). NTR's service provision also extends to those who are interested in independently paying for their rehabilitation. NTR is not an OHIP-funded program; for more information regarding Parkwood Institute's publicly funded programs, please visit the ABI Outpatient program.


NTR provides a seamless transition from inpatient to community-based rehabilitation following discharge, minimizing a gap in care. The established relationships with physicians and other allied health providers within Parkwood Institute facilitates a multidisciplinary approach, ensuring individuals receive excellent health care. Partnership with health experts, including physiatry, uniquely positions our clinicians to easily collaborate and integrate medical recommendations with rehabilitation care plans.