NeuroTrauma Rehabilitation (NTR) - Care Team

CVs for our clinicians are available upon request.

Occupational Therapists (OTs)

Hanne Roelen, OT

Hanne has experience in public, private and community settings working with individuals who have sustained musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and neurological injuries. She is passionate about working collaboratively with individuals to help them to achieve their goals based on their specific needs, experiences and abilities. Hanne values the importance of continuous learning to incorporate evidence-based treatment into therapy in order to provide optimal care. Hanne is also fluent in Dutch.

portrait of Hanne Roelen
Jackie Toman, OT

Jackie brings more than 10 years of vast experience to the NTR team. Her experience includes working with individuals who have soft tissue, orthopaedic, neurological, and catastrophic injuries. Jackie supports individuals and their families to identify and reach realistic and meaningful goals through collaborative and step-wise goal setting. With the provision of the right tools, equipment, skills and customized strategies, Jackie understands the importance of achieving small victories for continued motivation throughout the rehabilitation process. 

portrait of Jackie Toman

Jenny Iszakovits, OT

Jenny is an occupational therapist who has worked in private practice, community, and hospital settings for more than 15 years. Jenny has been performing driving assessments since 2008, and has been with the Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (DARP) at Parkwood Institute since 2012.  

Jenny has a passion for driver rehabilitation. She values continuous education and implements best practices to assist individuals in adapting to physical, cognitive and psychological barriers when returning to drive. Her extensive knowledge of vehicle modification and adaptive equipment, along with specialized training and experience with anxiety and post-traumatic stress make her an expert in her field. Jenny's expertise is held in high regard within the rehabilitation community; she is routinely invited to share her wealth of knowledge and experience at a variety of speaking engagements.

portrait of Jenny Iszakovits

Kim Amey, OT

Kim is an active member of the NTR occupational therapy team with more than 15 years of extensive clinical and community rehabilitation experience working with individuals who have sustained trauma, including acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and psycho-social impairments. Using creativity, Kim engages individuals as active members of their rehabilitation, striving for balance in purposeful and meaningful daily activities following an injury.  She acknowledges the importance of continuous learning to incorporate evidence-based skills and knowledge into her practice.

portrait of Kim Amey
Megan Reddick, OT

Megan's approach to occupational therapy is steered by human potential. She acknowledges an individual's unique experiences, needs, and their capacity to grow when developing a rehabilitation plan of care. In order to support optimal functioning and independence in daily activities, Megan understands the dynamic relationship between physical, cognitive and emotional domains and the importance of collaboration. Megan is also a certified DriveABLE Assessor with Parkwood Institute’s Driving and Assessment Rehabilitation Program.

portrait of Megan Reddick
Rose Carey, OT

Throughout her clinical practice, Rose has gained a variety of experience working with individuals with neurological conditions, chronic pain, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic injuries, and mental health conditions. Rose’s clinical experience spans a variety of community, hospital and outpatient programs. She is committed to practicing person-centred care, with an emphasis on empowering individuals to guide their rehabilitation journey as they reintegrate into the community following injury. Rose also recognizes the importance of continued education in an effort to develop and implement evidence-based care plans.

portrait of Rose Carey
Susan Gauvin, OT

Susan is a seasoned occupational therapist with more than 15 years of experience. Susan's clinical experience across the public, private and community settings has equipped her with invaluable knowledge to support individuals following an injury. She engages individuals and their caregivers in the development of meaningful goals and works collaboratively with the care team in order to optimize the rehabilitation process. Susan is also fluent in French.

portrait of Susan Gauvin

Physiotherapists (PTs)

Brian Bannon, PT

Brian has previous experience working with patients with mild traumatic brain injury, as well as extensive experience treating various orthopaedic conditions. Brian believes in a goal-oriented approach to treatment and strives to help clients achieve meaningful progressions. Brian believes in an active approach to treatment and enjoys educating clients to provide effective strategies for improvement. He has taken additional post-graduate training courses in concussion management and Introduction to the Bobath concept.

portrait of Brian Bannon
Katie Gonser, PT

Katie has considerable experience working with a variety of neurological conditions including acquired brain injuries, stroke, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and spina bifida. She holds a unique perspective on transitions throughout the health care continuum across a variety of settings from acute care, rehabilitation, and community-based programs. Katie recognizes the significance of establishing unique goals with an individual and their loved ones, as well as providing customized approaches to achieve them.

Katie has completed further postgraduate training on concussion management and is completing courses on Locomotor gait retraining, vestibular rehabilitation and NDT techniques. Katie is also a clinical instructor with the School of Physiotherapy at Western University.  

portrait of Katie Gonser
Kristin Wanless, PT

Kristin understands the importance of actively involving an individual in their physiotherapy rehabilitation to maximize success. Her therapeutic approach focuses on movement in everyday environments, incorporating hobbies and leisure activities and using creativity to expand therapy beyond the gym. Kristin's vast clinical experience includes acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, vestibular rehabilitation, and complex orthopaedic trauma with a special interest in gait retraining. In addition to her role on the NTR physiotherapy team, Kristin is a clinical instructor in the School of Physiotherapy at Western University. 

portrait of Kristin Wanless
Laura Graham, PT

Laura has gained extensive clinical experience across programs at Parkwood Institute. When developing physiotherapy programing, she emphasizes the importance of understanding an individual's unique social and physical environments and their life roles.  Laura values the integration of emerging literature, personal interests, and ongoing collaboration with all parties to facilitate motivation and engagement in treatment. 
In addition to her role in NTR, Laura is a widely-regarded academic in the field of physiotherapy. She is currently the Chair of the Master of Physical Therapy program at Western University, where she also teaches, holding the position of assistant professor. 

portrait of Laura Graham
Rajender Rajender, PT

Rajender's diverse academic, professional and clinical background brings a unique perspective to physiotherapy rehabilitation at NTR. With the goal to meet their physical demands of work, leisure, and social life, Rajender inspires individuals to take a more active role in their health. He employs evidence-based knowledge to create customized rehabilitation plans and strategies, facilitating positive life changes following an injury. His clinical experience spans a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings with a special interest in neurological conditions, including spinal cord and acquired brain injuries. Rajender also speaks Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

portrait of Rajender Rajender

Social Workers (SWs)

Riley Prossler, SW

Riley is a registered social worker with extensive experience in the private, public, and community sectors. Riley's clinical expertise spans multiple adult populations, including acquired brain injury, spinal cord, amputation, and chronic pain. Riley acknowledges that individuals' emotional wellbeing is an integral component of the rehabilitation process. She utilizes a holistic and strengths-based approach when working with individuals and their support networks to address a multitude of challenges, including grief and loss, adjustment, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

portrait of Riley Prossler

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

Adrienne Bulhoes, SLP

Adrienne is a speech-language pathologist with more than 10 years' experience providing assessment and treatment of individuals with acquired brain injuries, as well as cognitive communication difficulties associated with chronic pain and emotional sequelae.

Adrienne recognizes the importance of regaining participation in daily communications across everyday partners and environments. She takes a customizable, functional approach to therapy, working collaboratively with individuals, their support networks and team members to develop meaningful goals and tailored strategies.  Adrienne acts as a resource and advocate, providing assistance with life transitions including return-to-school/work and community reintegration. 

portrait of Adrienne Bulhoes
Christine MacNeill, SLP

Christine strives to collaborate with and engage individuals, their families, and caregivers in the process of recovery. Through her caring, genuine, and innovative approach, Christine assists individuals in achieving personally relevant and meaningful goals. Her experience with acquired language, dysphagia, and cognitive communication challenges across the continuum of care, as well as her commitment to continuous learning allows Christine to provide the highest quality of care.

portrait of Christine MacNeill
Nadia Torrieri, SLP

Nadia's diverse clinical experience spans the public, community and private sectors, which makes her a vital member of the NTR speech-language pathology team. Nadia's robust knowledge base acts as a foundation for development and follow-through of care plans to support the rehabilitation process. 

Nadia supports individuals to advocate for their communication needs with a keen interest in exploring new uses of technology to meet communication goals. She addresses therapeutic needs by providing services in naturalistic environments including the community, at home, or in the work and academic settings. Nadia highlights the importance of collaboration and acts as an educational resource for caregivers and professionals in other disciplines, to support an individual's communicative success.

portrait of Nadia Torrieri


Dennis Argoso, OTA/PTA

As a veteran employee with St. Joseph's, Dennis brings a wealth of experience to the NTR team. Over the years, Dennis has obtained specialized education and training in various equipment, techniques and approaches used in rehabilitation programs designed by NTR's physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Dennis' friendly and down-to-earth nature also provides individuals with a sense of ease when working towards their rehabilitation goals.

portrait of Dennis Argoso

Ryan Dungavell, OTA/PTA

Ryan's passion and dedication to fitness and sport has been a constant throughout his life. His previous experience in playing sport and coaching were a natural steppingstone into the field of rehabilitation. While working with individuals to meet their physical and occupational therapy goals, Ryan is motivated to incorporate creativity and fun into sessions. Both Ryan's personal and professional experiences make him an asset to the NTR team.

portrait of Ryan Dungavell