Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program

Directions and Contact

The Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program is a six-month program requiring a physician referral. Men and women with known heart disease - for example those who have had a heart attack, angina, angioplasty or heart surgery - work with our multidisciplinary team to create and follow an individualized program. If you have recently experienced a heart event, you are a good candidate for cardiac rehabilitation. It is a safe and effective way to overcome some of the physical complications of heart disease, limit your risk of developing more heart trouble, assist your return to an active social or work schedule, and improve your psychological well-being. 

Features the program:

  • Comprehensive nurse case management
  • Medical care
  • Exercise programming
  • Dietary counselling
  • Lifestyle education
  • Psychological services
  • Smoking cessation services

How to access the program:

Simply print the referral form and ask your physician to refer you to St. Joseph's Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program. There is no cost to attend this program.

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