Coming Together to support mental health in our community

A man holds up a sign
Alfonso E. Campos Reales, a partner at Lerners, holds up a sign for the Coming Together campaign in support of mental health care.

Our world has become much smaller during this time of self-isolation. COVID-19 threatens our health, but for those who are already experiencing mental illness isolation, uncertainty and fear are posing the greatest threat during this pandemic.

To address this important need, community champions and advocates, Frank and Kathy Longo appealed to individuals and organizations from across our region who would have typically supported the St. Joseph’s Tribute Dinner, and asked them to come together during this unprecedented time.  

And come together they did.  In just four weeks, more than $160,000 has been raised to support mental health services at St. Joseph’s – and specifically the work of Dr. Swati Mehta who is piloting the use of internet-delivered therapy for those with physical health issues that have also developed psychological symptoms like anxiety, distress and depression.

The timing couldn’t be better. Dr. Mehta has shared that the psychological toll of the pandemic has been especially pronounced amongst those living with physical disabilities. Fear of infection, fear of complications with pre-existing conditions and limited rehabilitation services are keeping people from accessing vital health care. 

“It’s imperative we provide this population with access to mental health care to decrease their levels of distress during COVID-19. This online program will help connect them to a therapist and give them the tools they need to apply to everyday life to improve their overall well-being.”

Dr. Swati Mehta
Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute

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St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation is incredibly grateful to our community leaders, corporate sponsors and individuals for coming together during this time of health crisis.  Now, more than ever, donations matter here.

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