A dose of motivation

Daniel Sobczak behind the mask

We’ve all needed an extra dose of motivation in recent months. For Daniel, a physiotherapist in St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program, it’s been helping patients achieve their physical health goals that has boosted his spirits. “Watching one of my patients dance down the hall with a smile on his face after months of wheelchair dependency was a great reminder of how meaningful my work can be.”

Like many others, Daniel has experienced a lot of change at work. He’s used to meeting patients face-to-face and helping them with their exercises, but lately his appointments have been held virtually. He’s made an extra effort to ask how those in his care are feeling because he knows many of them are mentally and emotionally exhausted. He wants to be mindful of their needs during these exceptional times.

The pandemic has reminded Daniel how much he appreciates his colleagues at St. Joseph’s. “From the screening staff at the front door to the people who keep our facilities sanitary, I’m more aware of the role everyone plays.” 

Like most of us, Daniel has had to make personal sacrifices including spending time away from his girlfriend while she was self-isolating to start a new job, and visits with his parents have had to be at a safe distance without the warmth of their hugs. Nevertheless, he appreciates the support from those closest to him. “My parents and girlfriend have been amazing supports. Their concern for my safety, appreciation for the work I do and love has allowed me to remain focused on my job and keep myself healthy.”

While he misses activities like playing sports and spending time with friends, Daniel keeps reminding himself of the moments when he’s helped those in his care achieve their goals. He hopes the pandemic will inspire others to pursue a career in health care so that they too might experience the same joy he feels knowing he’s helped someone regain their mobility.

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