Necessary evolution

Krisztina Huszar behind the mask

Physiotherapist, Krisztina like many people, went through a period of intense stress with her family. “The most challenging part of COVID-19 has been keeping a healthy balance of activities and a positive outlook; trying to maintain my own focus to continue to steer our family along the emotional ups and downs the coronacoaster.”

Adjusting to new routines and devising plans that worked for everyone took great time and effort. “We had to figure out how we could all get exercise, a schedule for schoolwork, finish their school year - all while my husband and I worked remotely from home, with no extra support.”

In some ways Krisztina is grateful, as the pandemic has provided some new learning and new perspectives. “More than ever, I appreciate my entire team for coming together and embracing change, for leading with compassion and coming up with creative solutions to every problem we have faced so far.” 

Something that stood out for Krisztina was a comment from one of her patients who had survived a war. “He is as tough as nails, and said to me, ‘I never thought I’d live through a pandemic. You’re a prisoner in your own home.’ That really drove home the degree of isolation felt by some people.” 

Krisztina recognizes supporting patients has become more complicated. “We have been relying on technology to achieve patient care. The challenges were many at the start. Most patients are very understanding and willing to learn. Portraying empathy is harder, however, and there are some things I cannot do virtually such as feel muscle tone, so there is a greater reliance on family care givers who have stepped up to the plate. Virtual care definitely is part of the future and I’m proud to be part of this evolution in care.”

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