The greater good

Daria Nedilski

Understanding the COVID-19 situation will eventually improve Daria Nedilski, Occupational Therapist at Parkwood Institute, is focusing on the opportunity it provides for time and solitude.  “Many of us have been able to slow down and become more introspective,” says Daria. “For me, I am constantly inspired by the flowering of creativity in the community as people try interesting new things.”

One of the things she finds most challenging is the pandemic’s impact on spontaneity. “Now-a-days, movements and actions need to be considered and planned far more carefully. We have to consider the environments we’re entering, the surfaces we touch and the distance between ourselves and others.”

Daria is very impressed with the collaboration she sees at work. “I have really admired the way all of our staff and teams have come together to keep patients and each other safe.  There is a sense of goodwill toward each other, the willingness to put aside self-interest for the greater good.  It seems that the hospital has become more cohesive and connected since the outbreak of COVID.”

Daria appreciates now more than ever, the importance of direct human contact. “There is a warmth and flow generated when people come together and subtle signals which are apparent in person-to-person contact. Those can become lost when you are communicating through a computer screen.”

Optimistic about the future, Daria is waiting patiently for the day she doesn’t need to be so careful with every day tasks. “I am really looking forward to not having to wash bananas and almost everything else I bring into the house!”

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