How can I help?

David Schned

“How can I help?” was Dave’s moto as COVID-19 began to ramp up. Scheduled appointments and surgeries began to be postponed but St. Joseph’s still needed to meet the care needs of patients. His team of information technology specialists readied themselves to enable virtual appointments for patients, keeping care on track where possible. “The pandemic has made us more agile. We have done things quickly and moved forward in ways we have never done before,” says Dave. 

Throughout the pandemic Dave has seen an even stronger commitment from St. Joseph’s to patients and each other, noting tremendous cooperation, adaptation and resilience among staff. “I believe our commitment to each other as a work family has been strengthened and our trust solidified.”

As a father and grandfather, he has struggled with the physical distance between his loved ones. “The most difficult part is distancing with my grandchildren. We miss the hugs and holding hands of those little fingers, rubbing their cheeks and cuddling them in our arms. We give each other virtual hugs but it pales in comparison to the real thing.” His grandkids however, have inspired him with their creativity, and sharing their words of encouragement, “it’s ok grandpa, we can do virtual hugs.”

Dave has also seen the community’s unified approach to a common cause and feels it will make us more resilient. “My hope is this strengthened sense of community endures, and that we are always open to asking, how can I help?”

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