Behind the mask I am doing my part

Ryan Hutchinson
Ryan Hutchinson, Health Information Technician

Ryan has an important job. Early in the pandemic personal protection equipment (PPE) was scarce, and Ryan was redeployed from his role in Health Records to Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) to ensure the distribution of PPE across the region. That PPE is keeping everyone safe – from clinical care providers to patients, residents and visitors.

“It was challenging,” says Ryan of the uncertainty. “I knew I could be redeployed anywhere. When I finally got the call, it was the uncertainty of not fully knowing what I would be doing, how long I would be redeployed and how I would adapt to the new environment.”

Ryan learned quickly that adapting is key during a pandemic. “Things happen so fast and you need to adjust quickly or you will not be able to keep up. I am doing something completely different now. But, this change has helped me have a better understanding of different roles in health care and has given me the opportunity to gain different experience.”

In his new role Ryan was grateful for friendly staff. “It felt great when the environment at HMMS was so welcoming and everyone ensured that I had everything I needed.” He even notes one individual going above and beyond to connect with him and this interaction being the most positive he’s had in the past few months. “It definitely made the transition of deployment a lot easier. Positivity is well needed during these tough times, and this individual has provided this positivity in my life.”

Ensuring the region has proper PPE makes sure the professionals that work with patients, patients and their families are properly protected.

“It’s a rewarding feeling to know that I am doing my part.”

- Ryan Hutchinson

Trying to balance keeping up-to-date on changes within his normal job and learning his new one Ryan admits it’s a bit taxing. “It has been a bit tough on the mental health and the feeling of being drained. But with the support system I have around me, I have been able to be resilient and push through any challenges I have had.”

The need for a strong support system during a time of transition is something Ryan recognized right away and he is grateful for his, including his girlfriend. “No matter how big or small, is important to help you get through any challenging times. Talk it through with others. Being able to have connections with many people that care about you has a positive effect on many different aspects.”

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