An inspirational response

Viraj Mehta selfie

As a psychiatrist, Viraj, thought he would need to mentally support those close to him including his family and friends. He knew circumstances at work would be challenging and he would be running on little sleep. 

What he didn’t anticipate was that his wife and parents would be a constant source of motivation and support to help him through the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to the support at home he was also impressed by the way his colleagues have stepped up to meet the challenge of providing exceptional patient care during the pandemic.

“The way our physicians and staff have responded has been inspirational,” says Viraj, Site Chief of St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program. “Everyone focused on supporting patients and each other, maintaining these two priorities regardless of the challenges we faced. Rather than expressing frustration, they responded by finding opportunities.”

Virtual care has proved to be an important tool to support patients and families in an era of physical distancing and many patients have been able to continue appointments virtually.

“It is extraordinary how well patients have adapted to the circumstances,” says Viraj. “We have seen patients demonstrate their capacity for recovery and many have maintained, or made progress, despite the pandemic.” 

Viraj is very much looking forward to the return of face-to-face interaction; he misses the day-to-day visits with patients and colleagues. “Until then, all of us will continue to rely on each other to help us through the tough times.”

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