A long and winding road

Camille Mailloux

The past few months have been the most challenging time in Camille’s life. In June, her husband was in a serious horse racing accident after which he was rushed to the hospital. His injuries were extensive, including a fractured neck and an acquired brain injury. Camille says he’s lucky to be alive and knows that his path towards recovery will be a long and winding road.

Because of strict health and safety protocols to limit exposure to COVID-19, Camille was unable to visit him in the hospital for several days after the accident. She wanted nothing else but to be with him. “I felt guilty because I couldn’t be there for him at the most critical time in our lives,” she says.

While she did see her husband a few days after the accident, ongoing visits have been difficult. Camille is able to see him once a week and only for a couple hours at a time. During each visit she wears a mask to protect herself and those around her. As the pandemic evolves, hospitals are gradually opening up to visitors and family caregivers, balancing the need to keep the environment safe for all.

Camille and other family caregivers are finding it hard to spend quality time with loved ones in hospital. Phone calls and video chats have filled the gap, but it’s not the same as a face-to-face visit. Her husband’s injuries have left him feeling confused and unable to comprehend the implications of the pandemic. He frequently asks why she and other family members don’t visit more often while he continues his rehabilitation. It’s been hard on Camille to explain why this is not an option.

Luckily, she has the loving support of her two daughters to help her through these hard times. One of them works in health care and reassures Camille that things will eventually get better. They are fortunate to have each other. 

Camille remains level-headed and optimistic about the future. She also has a lot of faith in the care her husband is receiving. “I trust he will get the rehabilitation he needs and I hope he’s able to come home soon to see our two dogs waiting for him.”

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