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Long-time supporters of mental health, the Kelland Portfolio Management Group at ScotiaMcLeod is now matching monthly donations to the cause
Rob Kelland standing in his office.
Rob Kelland, Portfolio Manager and Founder of the Kelland Portfolio Management Group at ScotiaMcLeod.

Rob Kelland knows firsthand that it takes a village to make a difference. As a Portfolio Manager and founder of the Kelland Portfolio Management Group at ScotiaMcLeod, Rob leads a team of 18 associates and staff who together manage one of the largest asset bases at ScotiaMcLeod across Canada. The team is focused on integrity, service and doing the right thing to help people reach a bright future.

That dedication to helping others extends beyond their office walls. The Kelland Group has been a strong supporter of mental health care at St. Joseph’s Health Care London for many years, since their first sponsorship of Breakfast of Champions in 2017. This year they’re generously supporting Breakfast of Champions again and also giving back to mental health care in a new way: matching gifts made by people who sign up to be monthly donors.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health, but it rarely receives the spotlight it deserves,” says Rob. Working in a fast-paced industry, Rob and his team understand how stress can negatively impact someone’s mental health – and just how important it is that people can access care when they need it most.

“If you don’t have mental health and wellness, the rest doesn’t really matter,” says Rob.

Rob Kelland sitting at a desk.
Rob Kelland is a passionate supporter of mental health and wellness. He hopes that his offer to match monthly gifts to mental health will inspire others.

St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program provides compassionate, respectful care for people living with severe and persistent mental illness. With one in three Canadians experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, St. Joseph’s care teams are seeing more people in desperate need of support.

Donations from the community ensure that people coming to St. Joseph’s for mental health care have everything they need to heal and recover. Monthly gifts are crucial to help provide funds throughout the year as needs arise. Thanks to the Kelland Group’s generous matching gift, patients will immediately benefit from daily necessities, like clothing and personal hygiene products, and innovative equipment to enhance patient care outcomes.

“Mental health still needs to be talked about more. We as a team felt very aligned to this cause,” says Rob. The Kelland Group hopes that by matching monthly gifts, they will provoke more discussions about mental health, promote more awareness and help even more people.

“Our belief is anything helps. It takes a village. If everyone can give what’s within their means, it can really change things.”

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