A priceless reward

Scott Bacon

Scott, security guard, has a new appreciation for the freedoms he had before the pandemic. He and his wife are both social creatures who enjoy being “out and about” with friends and family. They miss the little things like shopping and going out for dinner.

Scott has played a big role in looking after his aging parents in the era of social distancing. Both his mom and dad have health problems that confine them indoors. Scott lends a helping hand by cutting their grass and meeting their personal needs, while juggling his own priorities. “I like to be helping my young daughter with her school work on my days off,” he says. 

One of the things he misses the most are sports. “I’m a die-hard baseball fan so this has made me change what I watch on television, what I listen to on the radio and what I wake up in the morning and read,” he says. “Baseball was a big part of my life so it’s very different without it.”

But Scott is optimistic about the future and believes we can draw many silver linings from the current situation. He thinks we will come out of the pandemic stronger because we’re more aware of infection control practices like social distancing and proper hand cleaning. It’s also bringing us closer together, saying, “it has created stronger bonds within families. A priceless reward at such a difficult time.”

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