Putting people first

For more than 50 years, Nancy Davies has received, warm, personalized and compassionate care at St. Joseph’s, never doubting the priority she was for her care team.
Resident Nancy sitting on a chair

“Connection to me is about a feeling. Care comes from the heart and soul of St. Joseph’s leading to that feeling of connection and comfort.”

– Nancy Davies

Nancy Davies exudes positivity. Her optimistic outlook on life has kept her in good stead while managing several health challenges during the past 50 years. And her positivity was matched by the compassion she felt receiving care at St. Joseph’s. 

“I love this hospital because it’s a people hospital,” she says. “And at St. Joseph’s – people are what matters.”

Now 69 years old, Nancy is a longtime Londoner. 

Growing up with three sisters, she learned to become independent and always had a love of learning. After a long career in conference and event management at some of London’s largest organizations, she decided to take a leap and begin working for herself. On her 60th birthday, she received news that she passed the bar exam to become a paralegal and opened Davies Legal Services. 

Her connection to St. Joseph’s has been a long and winding road. She first received care at St. Joseph’s while battling a life-threatening infection as a teen. Years later, she became a regular patient with the Diabetes Centre and also had cataract surgery at the Ivey Eye Institute. 

Then nearly a decade ago, Nancy had a tragic fall, suffering four broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, a collapsed lung and a fractured shoulder.

Nancy Davies laughing in a chair

She underwent a five-hour surgery for her shoulder, followed by 12 months of physiotherapy.

From her surgeon to her physiotherapist, Nancy describes her care experience as warm and personal. 

Whether it was placing a warm blanket on her feet or taking the time to chat with her – the interactions were critically important to Nancy and enhanced her outcomes. 

She remembers the encouragement she felt during her physiotherapy sessions, and how staff gave her the confidence to push herself a little further each visit. 

“When you go to the hospital, you are in a weakened state and feel vulnerable,” says Nancy. “But when staff show you how much they care, when they make you a priority, when they remember your name, when they try to relate to you - you feel a connection.”

For Nancy, care, comfort and connection are closely intertwined. She feels care comes from the heart and soul of staff at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, which ultimately leads to comfort and connection. 

Give a Gift. Brighten a Life.

This Season of Celebration, we are on a mission to ensure that everyone in our community continues to receive compassionate care now and well into the future.

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation is raising funds to purchase essential equipment and resources including blanket warmers, cuddle beds, slings for lifts, TVs in waiting rooms, pianos and personal care products for inpatients. These are important items that focus on the total patient experience while receiving care at St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

This holiday season, support patients like Nancy by donating to the Season of Celebration campaign.

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