Reminded of her importance

Beverley Barrie wearing a mask

Registered nurse Beverley Barrie was all set to change careers. After eight years with St. Joseph’s Occupational Health and Safety Services, she was going to become a pastry chef. And then COVID-19 hit. “All of a sudden I began working four to six days a week, answering hotline calls, swabbing symptomatic staff, and making sure hospital staff concerns were heard and addressed.”

A far cry from working with icing sugar and flour, it was a tough adjustment. “Everything moved so fast there wasn’t much time to think about it. The call-to-service was one I couldn’t say no to, and it has reinvigorated my interest in nursing.”
For Beverley, the most challenging part of the COVID pandemic has been rearranging her family life. “Trying to keep my three boys busy and cared for while my husband and I were at work, and then coming home to be teacher was so challenging and exhausting.  When summer arrived, I had to ensure they are having as much fun as possible while mom and dad are at work.”

The pandemic has helped Beverley recognize the importance of team work. “Being a part of such a great team who have all pulled together to support one another and be there for each other when times were tough and the days long has meant so much. Telling jokes with my colleagues, sharing experiences and planning for what we all want to do when COVID-19 has settled has got me through some of the really tough days.”

The pandemic has also helped remind her of the reason she became a nurse. “Being there to help others navigate challenging health care issues, like COVID-19, and to be voice of calm, a source of knowledge, a trusted advisor or a sounding board, reminds me that what I do as nurse matters.”

The pastries will have to wait.

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