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ONERUN raises community support for better cancer screening equipment
group of people hold up a large cheque
From left to right: Katelyn Carriere, Paulette Soscia, Danielle Carriere, Theresa Carriere, Dr. Amann, Kayla Sibbald and Sean Cornelius hold up a cheque for ONERUN’s donation in support of the 3T MRI machine that will enable physicians to detect many types of cancer at an earlier stage at St. Joseph’s.

When Theresa Carriere laced up for the first ONERUN in 2010, she was taking the first step of a movement that has impacted thousands of people in our region touched by cancer. A breast cancer survivor herself, Theresa was inspired to make a difference by running 100km from London to Sarnia in a single day. She did it all over again in 2011, 2014, 2015 and then again in 2019. 

Today, ONERUN has grown into an annual week of events that includes high schools across London hosting their own runs. Over nine years Theresa and her team have raised more than $1 million for breast cancer care, research and education in our community, including initiatives at St. Joseph’s Health Care London like the Best in Breast Care Conference. This year, their gift of $100,000 is supporting the upgrade to a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine at St. Joseph’s that will enable earlier detection of many types of cancer, including breast and prostate. 

Thanks to their generous support, St. Joseph’s is now one step closer to replacing our current MRI with this upgraded model that offers enhanced image quality, improved accuracy and ensures the best long-term outcomes for patients. 

The 3T MRI will help clinicians “…diagnose things that currently we just haven't been able to see as well as we really need to,” says Dr. Justin Amann, Radiologist and Site Chief, Medical Imaging.

The 3T MRI is also more comfortable and roomier for patients and provides assessments more quickly, so that more people can be scanned each day. For those affected by cancer, waiting is often the most difficult part of the entire experience. Having lived through the journey of cancer care herself, Theresa knows just how much this project will matter to patients and their loved ones.  

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation wants to share our sincere appreciation for Theresa and the ONERUN organization for their generous support over the last 9 years. 

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