Seeing what's possible

Cindy Brodie wearing a mask

Cindy, Team Assistant, Organizational Development and Learning Services, likes a good laugh every once in a while. And while the seriousness of COVID-19 doesn’t escape her, she appreciates everything people are doing to create some cheer. “I am so impressed with how people have stepped up to help in unusual ways. Even dressing up to walk the dog hoping to make someone laugh. I’m so proud to be in a country where we automatically look after each other during a time of difficulty.”

For Cindy her biggest struggle is wasted time. “My mother has early onset dementia. I used to stay with her one weekend a month, and now that’s not possible.” Driving several hours to only stay for a short time is challenging. “I want to spend as much time as possible with my mother while she still has some of her memories. I have already seen changes during my visits. I’m afraid that I am missing out on her last cognitive precious moments.” 

Cindy now finds herself standing in the middle of her living room wondering what to do with herself. “My weekends were always full with tasks and my parents. Not being able to do either anymore is difficult. I had to learn to relax a little and appreciate the time I have for myself.”

Cindy is a firm believer in checking in with yourself to determine what you need. “We can’t help others when we are not at our best. So, find out what you need to make things good with you. Whatever makes you feel better. Then you have what you need to go forward and help others.”

She also feels COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to learn how to do better. “I believe this has helped us to see what’s possible. We have learned how to conduct care and help those in need differently. We have learned about underlying issues and created ideas to solve them.”

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