A sense of duty

Julie wears a mask

Every morning Julie wakes up with an important mission to keep those she cares for safe, healthy and happy. With a keen sense of duty, she cares for an extremely vulnerable patient population in long-term care and never takes shortcuts. She fully understands the importance of her role. 

“The pandemic has made me appreciate how safe I am with my role as a PSW with St. Joseph's. I've had to wear a lot of personal protective equipment and keep a safe distance, but that doesn’t stop me from staying positive."

When Julie feels overwhelmed she reminds herself of the words, “this too shall pass.” While keeping her faith in these words and having confidence in her colleagues she is also comforted by the added procedures put in place to keep everyone safe.

Julie’s positivity is contagious as she reminds those around her to take care of each other. “We all need to stay positive and be proud of ourselves for getting through this together.” 

Her children have been a great source of motivation throughout these challenging times. “They are so proud of me that I go to work to keep the residents healthy and safe, and that I am doing my part to help our community and organization get through this pandemic.  They understand this will be a moment in history, and that we will be a part of that history together.”

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